27 January 2007

Share your experiences with others

One of the most impressive characteristics that I have noticed amongst exceptionally successful business entrepreneurs is their very honest and genuine desire to share their own knowledge and experiences. I think that this is something that we should all be prepared to do. Most successful people will be the first to tell you that they have made every mistake imaginable (and generally they have made them a number of times over). But the fact that they make these mistakes, which are sometimes quite devastating and they manage to pick themselves up, brush the dust off and then give it another go, is an incredible testimony to their fortitude and conviction.

There is nothing more inspirational and motivational than hearing how someone has managed to overcome diversity and turned it into success, but for the person telling the story, it is often not that remarkable. From my own experience I am constantly surprised by people who want to know my story and background. I grew up as an orphan, had a very unusual life, did a range of jobs as diverse as commercial diving and selling encyclopaedias door to door, owned and operated many businesses, but I certainly don’t feel that my life was extraordinary – but other people do. And even more importantly, they use it to motivate them. So I am happy to tell my story and hope that it helps other people to achieve their dreams and aspirations, but most importantly, I feel that we all have a very interesting story to get out. We have all had a diverse array of experiences that have made us who we are today and these should be exchanged. Pass on your own experiences and knowledge of business and life and you will enjoy the satisfaction of helping other people.

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