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5 Strategies to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Every Day

One of the biggest problems facing business owners is overwhelm. Specifically, this means having too many things to do in too short an amount of time, leading to a sense Read More

Check Out the Latest Episode of the Business Over Breakfast Podcast – What Questions Should You Be Asking to Improve Your Business?

Business is generally about solving problems. When you run a business, you seek to make things better for yourself and for others. But the reality is you need to get Read More


THIS IS A LONG READ – and it’s simply my opinion on how we as men need to act out of respect to the women in our life. It’s my Read More

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Check Out the Latest Episode of the Business Over Breakfast Podcast -Banish Limiting Beliefs to Break through to Your next Level of Success

We all have limiting beliefs that may be holding us back in our business, but in this episode of Business over Breakfast, Bree and Andrew will give you a few Read More

Be Very Grateful That You Have Competitors

I have had a reasonable amount of experience working for companies that are monopolies. This basically means that they don’t have any competitors. To most of us, that sounds like Read More

How Much is Buying Into Other People’s Dreams Costing You?

A little while back I was approached by a property company who wanted me to do all of their marketing. The owner of the business was telling me a big Read More

6 Types of People We Have to Stop Taking for Granted

Over time it’s easy to slide into the routine of taking people for granted. Believe me, I’m not saying it’s a good thing or that it’s right in any shape Read More

Get On Board the Podcasting Phenomenon

Podcasting has been around for a long time, but in the past 5 years it’s become really popular. Today I was running a workshop with thirty people in the room. Read More

Cut Costs Without Destroying Your Business

Every business will hit a financial pothole, with the first response being to cut costs and cut them quickly. This makes sense, but cutting costs too dramatically puts you at Read More

Measuring Progress In Your Business

It’s extremely important to measure progress in your small business. There are so many ways to measure progress, stand back and have a look at how far you have come Read More

Sometimes Good Businesses Simply Don’t Survive

When a business goes broke, the owner generally struggles to see beyond the current calamity. It feels very personal and there is a real sense of loss and failure. Sadly Read More

Is Being Needy Costing You Business?

I’ve been working with a supplier recently who is really needy. Every time they do some work for me I have to stop everything to give them praise. They aren’t Read More

When it Comes to Marketing, Do Less, Do it Better

I come across a lot of businesses who have giant lists pertaining to their marketing activity. Often they mistake doing a lot with being effective from a marketing point of Read More

Are You Making the Wrong Assumptions?

Making assumptions in business are dangerous, instead of always looking at the glass half empty change your way of thinking and create more opportunities. Start by challenging your own assumptions Read More

7 Things to Do When You Might Be About to Lose a Big Client

There is nothing more scary to a business owner than the prospect of losing a major contract or client. Of course all business relationships have to end at some stage, Read More

7 ways your solo business can attract big clients

Being a soloist doesn’t mean you have to play small, in fact it means the opposite. In the past when I was a soloist I got contracts with some really big Read More

Check Out the Latest Episode of the Business Over Breakfast Podcast – Take Back Control of Your Own Business

Some days it may feel like your business is running you. You’re reacting and you’re responding, but you’re not in control of the business’s destiny or future. We all lose Read More

Do You Hate Travelling for Business?

I travel a great deal as part of my business. Often I’m away for three weeks out of every four. I get asked all of the time how I cope Read More