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Is technology helping or hindering your business?

Here is the third of our panel discussions for the ZDNet/Telstra “Doing Small Business Better”. We’ve had some great feedback on the first two videos in the series and the Read More


Want to know more about our “Art of Storytelling” workshop?

This is the video of the first in our “Art of Storytelling” workshops, held in Sydney last weekend. This short, 2 minute video shows what people had to say about Read More


Are you a big cry baby when it comes to dealing with grumpy customers?

I was sitting in a restaurant a few days back, minding my own business, when I heard the murmurs of unhappiness from the table next to me. A lovely old Read More

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We all need to be bigger than our business

Check out my latest INC article where I ponder the importance of being more than our business. As a self proclaimed recovering businessaholic, I know just how easy it is Read More

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Our second panel discussion in the “Doing Small Business Better” series is now live and ready to check out. If you would like to get some great business advice, from Read More


Does this video go too far?

Well this video is pretty full on. I’m not going to spoil it for you (in case you haven’t seen it) but what do you think – does it go Read More


Grab a free copy of “Love at First Site” – for anyone looking to build a new website…

A friend of mine, Jon Hollenberg has just released his new book “Love at first site” – which is described as the “no BS guide to getting your website working.” Read More

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What does working smarter mean to you?

This is an interesting question as the term “working smarter” gets used with gay abandon in so many conversations. Well the folks at CBS and Telstra asked me to put Read More


Are you serious about becoming a professional speaker?

Later this year I will be running my “Business of Being a Professional Speaker” workshop in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. This workshop has been hugely successful, helping aspiring speakers to Read More


Hard to believe but a podcast here on me being evangelistic about writing a book…

Recently Ben Fewtrell interviewed me for an episode of his popular podcast “Business Brain Food”. Hard to believe, but I was being evangelistic about the power of a book as Read More


What are the 7 craziest ways that small businesses throw away a fortune every year?

Having worked with a lot of small businesses, for many years, I am always surprised by how many of them are literally pouring money down the drain. Now I’m not Read More



I received the following email – and I have received similar ones in the past. This is a scam. Clearly this one is not that sophisticated, the language is typically Read More


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Have you always wanted a WIKI page but found the whole process way too hard?

There is no doubt that a WIKI page can help with credibility. Many media will use Wikipedia as their go to source for information and background data on individuals. I Read More

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OMG, my new website has gone live and I love it!

Well my new website has gone live. It has been a big project (to say the least) and everyone involved certainly has the look of the walking dead. Long hours, Read More

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I have a man crush and I’m not afraid to say it (well I’m a little afraid)…

One of the most powerful business books that I can ever remember reading was entrepreneur Seth Godin’s (self-published) marketing antithesis, Purple Cow. It really resonated with me. It’s not just Read More


Are you coming to the Art of Storytelling workshop in Sydney?

Nick Bowditch and I have our first “Art of Storytelling” workshop coming up in Sydney on the 27th of September – and we are really looking forward to it. It Read More

Bricolage Outils

IKEA having some fun with the Apple product launch machine….very funny (in a weird Scandinavian way)…