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Are you keen to adopt the job description of a billionaire?

OK, who doesn’t want Richard Branson’s job description is probably a better question. This is a great infographic that really does nail the key elements of success in the modern Read More

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When will Australian political parties start taking Small Business seriously?

We are just about to have an election in Queensland – and of course the political rhetoric is flowing. Promises, insults, claims of past successes and accusations of past failings Read More

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This week’s article – a question I think we all ask ourselves from time to time…

I think there are times that we all feel like this, it’s part of being a business owner. But perhaps we need to rethink this depressing thought with something a Read More

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Sometimes it takes a seriously messed up situation to get us to take action…

In this weeks Inc article, I talk about how it really took a tragedy for me to get my life together. I literally halved the numbers of hours I worked Read More

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Very happy to see two good buddies of mine collaborating and offering advice on doing business better!

Check out the latest Small Business Big Marketing Podcast Show, hosted by Mr Timbo Reid. His special guest on this episode is the one and only Boat Guy, Darren Finkelstein. Read More


Need a little bit of fun in your business?

  Let’s be honest, most businesses need a little more fun in them right? Well my friend, author, business coach and all round pillar in the community of Sydney, Mr Read More

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Want to feel happier? And maybe procrastinate less? Well this podcast might help…

A little while back Aleks Srbinoski, founder of the very successful “Fulfilling Happiness Edge” podcast. Aleks is a very nice fella, looking to help people be happier – which is Read More

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Is your business starting to show the signs of wear and tear?

Over time, the appearance of any business can de­teriorate, often without the owners or managers being aware of it. Whenever you go to the same place day after day, changes Read More

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PODCAST WITH Glen Smyth – “How to think like a sales champion”

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a podcast by Glen Smyth. Glen’s podcast is all about content marketing for sales professionals and we had a great Read More


PODCASTING – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (if you missed the webinar, here is the recording).

Today I did a webinar on podcasting (which I still find an incredibly weird sentence to write), with Ronsley Vaz. It was totally oversubscribed – so we are really sorry Read More


Want a free copy of my bestselling book “The ME Myth”?


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How can we stay sane when it feels like the world is going crazy?

I think we are all feeling the pressure of some seriously crazy things going on around the world. I live in the little town of Cairns and on the weekend Read More

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Talking small business on 2GB

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Heidi Armstrong for the “Big Thinking for Small Business” show on 2GB. In our chat we spoke about some Read More

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How long is too long to bask in the glory of winning an award?

Winning an award of some sort is always a good thing for a business. Of course we are all encouraged to leverage the award, which certainly adds to a businesses Read More

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The best piece of advice that I can offer to any aspiring speakers…

In this article I share what I believe to be the single most important realisation I have had has a professional presenter. Just click on the image to read the Read More

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A little productivity tip that could really help you to get a lot more done.

Just click on the image below and you can check out my latest article on productivity. This little gem works wonders for me – and enables me to get Read More


Finally a strategy for improving customer satisfaction

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The Must-Read SlideShares of 2014 from SlideShare