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Speaker Academy 2015 – Three (FREE) webinars to kick off the year

A free webinar series for people wanting to become paid speakers (or grow their existing speaking business) I do a lot of work in the speaker space, helping aspiring speakers Read More

Phantom Peter Lik

How did Australian photographer Peter Lik set a record for selling a single image for $6.5M USD?

That’s an interesting question. Since announcing the sale of “Phantom” for $6.5M there has been much discussion in the media. A lot of people congratulating Peter Lik for doing something Read More


Are you interested in podcasting but not sure where to start?

Podcasting is a hot topic. It isn’t new, people have been podcasting for years, but it has really gained traction in the past 12 months. I get asked about podcasting Read More

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Merry Christmas from the folks at WestJet (super cool).

It has certainly been a tough end to the year, in many parts of the world. Living in Cairns and trying to come to terms with the frailty of life Read More

Book spines

My book recommendations for Christmas – featuring 10 local authors

Well of course there are plenty of great books out there – but these are a little different. They are all written and published by local, first time authors, on Read More

First time Father 3d-228x228

Know any first time fathers out there who need some advice?

A very good buddy of mine, Liam Renton, has just released a fantastic book designed to impart some beautiful words of wisdom for all first time fathers. When you know Read More

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What drives you crazy when you stay at a hotel for business?

Yes, I’m pondering the big questions here! In this weeks article I share some pretty vocal feedback from my various networks about the things that drive them (and me) Read More

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Talking the ME MYTH with Tracy Sheen on MBS Wellness Podcast Show.

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Tracy Sheen for her podcast show, MBS Wellness. I was thoroughly impressed by the depth of the questions Tracy asked. Read More

business man message

The most important month of the year…

It’s great to have a break over Christmas and right about now, we are all really looking forward to it. We get the chance to come back to work in Read More

employee in the office dreaming about the rest. Naked in sunglas

Are you working naked today?

Well if you’re not, you really aren’t participating. Today is officially “Work in the Nude Day” or WIND for short. The lovely folks at Flying Solo have driven this campaign Read More


An interesting infographic on “what makes a good headline” – and I’ve blown everything with this headline. Bummer.

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Do you feel awkward and uncomfortable at networking events?

Rest assured, most people do. In my latest article I offer 21 suggestions that might just make attending networking events a little easier and that means you will make Read More


7 unorthodox rituals of outstanding leaders

To find out more about this infographic and Next Generation Recruitment – CLICK HERE

hotel keys in cabinet

A question for the business travellers out there…

OK, I stay at a lot of hotels every year and so do many of you. We all know that the experience can vary a lot, some fantastic, some lousy. Read More


Author humour…

Bad Day At Work?

Customers really are a major time waster…

I am sure I am not alone when I say that interruptions drive me crazy. It seems like every time I am trying to focus on what I am doing Read More

Oversubscribed E-banner.indd

This is an opportunity not to be missed – a 2 hour conversation with one of the smartest and most insightful entrepreneurs I know.

  Daniel Priestly is an extraordinary man. I have known him for many years, I’ve watched his career as a global entrepreneur, author and speaker grow, as has his company Read More

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If you are like most small businesses, you probably don’t charge enough for what you do.

Check out my latest article, where I point out 4 clues that could suggest that you are not charging enough for what you do.