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I am very excited to be doing my first TEDx talk in Townsville on the 30th of May. Unfortunately the event is sold out – but there is an alternative Read More

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6 reasons why women make better entrepreneurs than men

So this weeks article might put the cat amongst the pigeons so to speak, but I certainly hope it is food for thought. To have a read you can Read More

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3 ways to build your profile (well my take at least).

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed by PR legend and author of “From Unknown to Expert “, Catriona Pollard. We had a great chat about what it Read More

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A word of warning, this video has some parts that are a bit gross – to say the least, but not too many. The real message that is delivered by Read More

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This week on – what’s your one thing that you keep getting wrong?

This week on Inc my article is all about identifying that one thing that lets your business down. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

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Have you had an encounter with a “Douchepreneur”?

I’m pretty certain that in this age of Shark Tank and pitching galore, there are some people that just don’t quite get it. Having met a few of these folks, Read More


What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

This is an interesting question isn’t it? When I was 18 I had my first business, no idea what I was doing but I was figured it out as I Read More

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Some of the best business advice you could every want or need might be right under your nose

And in this weeks article, that’s exactly what I talk about. I might a man called Edwin. Enjoy. CLICK HERE TO READ.

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Beware the ‘third year boom and fourth year bust” – the small business curse.

An unusual business phenomenon that I have observed is the third-year boom and fourth-year bust. Once I became aware of it, I started to notice how real it was (and Read More


What is the recipe for small business storytelling and success?

I had the wonderful pleasure of being interviewed by Newsmodo CEO, Rakhal Ebeli and Brand Journalist, Phoebe Chongchua on the Brand Storytelling Podcast show. Our topic for discussion was the Read More

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The Mentoring Club has officially launched.

Earlier this week The Mentoring Club was officially launched. This is a great initiative, designed to put mentors and mentorees in touch with each via a unique online platform. I’m Read More

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What’s your philosophy towards negotiating?

This week in my article I explore the concept of negotiating. The big question is “what kind of negotiator are you?” Are you a monster or a win/win negotiator? Read More

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A very cool workshop – March 31st – Melbourne

Glen Carlson, the man behind KPI Australia is hosting a 3 hour workshop on brand development and business growth in Melbourne at the end of the month. This will be Read More


Keynote Presentation – The Power of Storytelling with Andrew Griffiths from Andrew Griffiths Enterprises I mentioned that last week I did a presentation to 500 BNI Sydney folks – on  Read More


Sometimes in business we all get scared.

This month in my Flying Solo column, I talk about anxiety and the impact it can have on our business. The false expectations and the lack of openness can also Read More

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TEDx Townsville May 30th 2015 – and I’m one of the speakers.

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’m going to be delivering a TEDx talk in Townsville on May 30, 2015. The theme for this event is “CURIOSITY” and to find Read More



I had the great pleasure of delivering the keynote presentation at this years BNI Sydney Annual Awards. There were 500 people packed into the Sofitel Wentworth for this very impressive Read More


Meet the line up of 2015 Flying Solo Columnists (and there is a familiar face or two).