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Have you always wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to start?

Well I’ve been asked to do retreats like this for a long time – and I’ve finally planned the first one for January 2017 in Bali. My Author Academy retreat Read More


Want people to read your articles? You MUST do this

Content creation is a powerful marketing tool and every smart soloist is busy producing informative articles and blog posts. If no one’s reading our words, however, we’re completely wasting our Read More


Episode 6: How to Be a Good Business for Your Customers and Your Community

In this episode of the Business over Breakfast podcast, we are talking about what it means to be a good business today, in terms of living up to the expectations Read More

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Losing Money Because of Simple Mistake Is Crazy

A little while back I referred a friend of mine to a web developer who I thought could help her with a new website. A few days later my friend Read More


Have you Forgotten How to Celebrate Your Successes?

I have had many periods in my life that could only be described as absolutely crazy. Working too hard, taking on too many responsibilities, worrying about too much stuff and Read More


Are you Strong Enough to Make the Tough Calls in Your Business?

To be successful in business you need to be strong, and rest assured your strength will be tested often. The ways you will be challenged as will vary over time, Read More

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The 10 Biggest and Ugliest Mistakes People Make When Selling

Trying to narrow this list down to ten mistakes was a challenging task. However, based on my observations and experiences, these are the biggest and most common mistakes people make Read More


A 10 Step Process for Writing Copy That People Will Read

Sitting down to a blank page that you have to put some words on is a daunting task for many people. Even more daunting is the fact that you are Read More



Well we just finished our second Author 2.0 Retreat in Sanur Bali, and here are a few of the highlight images. Such a blast. AUTHOR 2.0 NOVEMBER 2016 – WHAT Read More


When you Start a Business Don’t Stop Living

As something of a workaholic, I can attest to the fact that owning and operating a business can become all-consuming. You will have a lot of demands placed on you Read More

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Are You Too Busy for Your Customers?

Happy customers will do more to help your business grow than anything else you can do. When it comes to advertising and marketing, a lot of businesses seem to forget Read More


5 Essential Strategies for Becoming a Better Negotiator

Life is all about negotiating. We see young children developing this skill when it comes to eating their greens. We negotiate with them: ‘Eat your broccoli and you can have Read More


Loose Lips Sink Ships and Sometimes Businesses

While I am always advocating the importance of building relationships in business, specifically building strong ones, there needs to be very clear boundaries established. In most business relationships there should Read More

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It’s Your Business – Take Responsibility for Everything

A few years back I had a bit of trouble with the Taxation Office. I was behind in my businesses’ tax payments and I was struggling to find the money Read More


(Video) When You Travel for Business, How Do You Make the Most of It?

We both travel a great deal for work, so it’s important that we make the most of the time we have spare and use it efficiently. In fact, 2 hours Read More


Why Should you Bother Marketing When You are Already Swamped?

Most small businesses will come to a marketing crossroad at some stage. Why on earth should they be spending time and money marketing their business when they are already super Read More

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Japanese Toilets Taught Me a Lot About Customer Service

After spending the last 10 days in Japan, I have absolutely no doubt that this is the most customer-centric culture in the world. In fact, I believe the word “customer” Read More


Episode 5 – How to Manage Money and Get to Grips with Numbers in Your Business

If you ever have problems managing the money and numbers side of your business then this episode of the Business over Breakfast Podcast is definitely for you. Knowing the costs, Read More