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What is the role of GENEROSITY in business? Well you can find out on this month’s FUNNY BUSINESS podcast show.

It has been a little while since Tim Reid and I did an episode of Funny Business, we just couldn’t get our calendars to line up. But now we have Read More

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My recent SkyBusiness interview…

Recently I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Heidi Armstrong on SkyBusiness. We certainly covered a lot of ground in a few short minutes – I spoke about Read More

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If you write copy – for any reason – you need to read this article.

Whilst I would never take the position that I know everything there is to know about writing books and articles, far from it, however I have made many mistakes over Read More

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Looking for ways to be more effective as a speaker?

In my article this week I’ve written for anyone who speaks to an audience as part of their job or business. Capturing an audience is more complicated than we Read More

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After a year of writing INC articles, here are my top 10.

Yes, last week I proudly published my fiftieth article on Writing for this very prestigious entrepreneurial website is proving to be very interesting and at times challenging, after all Read More

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A little while back I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Ian Berry about all things business, speaking, books and more.

When Ian Berry asked me if I would be interested in having a convivial chat about business, speaking, books and everything in between I leapt at the opportunity. So we Read More

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FREE WEBINAR – The significance of sharing your stories…23rd July 2015

Mr Ian Berry has invited me back to have another live discussion, this time about the importance of sharing your stories in the business world. This is a free webinar, Read More

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I’m speaking at the 2015 Geelong Small Business Festival in August

I am really looking forward to the Geelong Small Business Festival – and it is my first time presenting at it. My topic is going to be 7 Strategies for Read More


3 Storytelling Tips – From Acclaimed Writer Burt Helm from Ethos3 | Presentation Design and Training


Food for thought…….that could apply to many other things that we tend to over analyze.

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I need some people to answer a few quick questions about OVERWHELM. Are you up for it?

Being overwhelmed is something that most of us experience at some stage (often every day). No one likes it, but we have to learn how to manage it. I always Read More

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Is it time you started a success board?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been encouraging people to get a success board for years. It seems like such a simple idea, yet this week on Read More

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I love watching people who are true masters of their craft, doing what they do.

One of the things I enjoy the most is watching people who have spent years mastering their craft doing what they do. This video shows a number of Japanese ceramics Read More

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Are you playing victim in your business?

This week on I pose the “victim” question – for a few reasons. I come across a lot of business owners who are nowhere near as successful as they Read More



Just received a copy of Sam Harrop’s second edition of “Getting Stuff Done” with a flash new cover. Nice one Sam. This is a book that lots of people (myself Read More

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Time to talk small business and apps – check out this webinar.

Business applications that once required teams of IT specialists to develop, and were affordable only by large businesses, are now an app download away. While enterprises are still learning to Read More

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What’s the single biggest marketing mistake that most businesses make?

In my monthly Flying Solo article, I’ve addressed what I consider to be the single biggest marketing mistake that most businesses make. Are you guilty of it? I certainly have Read More

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Are you guilty of any of these common freelancer mistakes?

In my article on this week, my discussion is around where freelancers (or consultants in this neck of the woods) tend to get it wrong. This is not designed Read More