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Bad Day At Work?

Customers really are a major time waster…

I am sure I am not alone when I say that interruptions drive me crazy. It seems like every time I am trying to focus on what I am doing Read More


Is someone going through your rubbish?

A few years back I was the victim of identify theft. I am not going to go into the details of how it happened, because that just tells people how Read More

Young woman jubilating

In business, passion equals profitability.

After being on the road for a few weeks my car was starting to look like something out of the Beverly Hillbillies so I decided I had better run it Read More

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Author humour…

Oversubscribed E-banner.indd

This is an opportunity not to be missed – a 2 hour conversation with one of the smartest and most insightful entrepreneurs I know.

  Daniel Priestly is an extraordinary man. I have known him for many years, I’ve watched his career as a global entrepreneur, author and speaker grow, as has his company Read More

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If you are like most small businesses, you probably don’t charge enough for what you do.

Check out my latest article, where I point out 4 clues that could suggest that you are not charging enough for what you do.

Coming soon

A little taste of a new program I have starting in early 2015…

In February 2015 I am launching a new program – designed specifically for authors who are speakers – wanting to build extraordinary businesses. Watch this space – more soon.

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Overcoming writers block with one very cool tip…

A lot of my work these days is coaching people to write books (and not just books but GREAT books). One of the biggest questions I get asked is “how Read More

How to Create Your Own Successful and Profitable Business From Home LR

Working from home sounds great, but there can be a few challenges…

Running a home based business is not easy, just ask anyone who has done it (or who is doing it). That said, master a few of the most common challenges Read More


Christmas is around the corner – don’t make the mistake of giving gifts that acutally erode your brand.

This month I have received some very cool presents (wow, there are some very generous people out there). Last week I received this fantastic “Travel Wellbeing Kit”, complete with detailed Read More

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Christmas party season… opportunity or a disaster waiting to happen….

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Sometimes we all feel a little alone in our business…

Businessman in a tight cardboard

Are your customers outgrowing your business (and leaving you behind)?

There is an old saying that if a business isn’t growing it’s dying. I believe this to be true. There are many ways to measure growth, it’s not always just Read More


I’m proud to be one of the speakers for the Global Impact Summit kicking off this week.

I’ll be speaking as one of the thought leaders for the Global Impact Summit kicking off 10 November 2014 over 15 inspiring days, live and online, delivered to you on Read More

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Check out this weeks article – and ask yourself one very important question every week.


7 ways to stay positive when you just aren’t feeling the love…

It can be really hard to stay positive in tough times, particularly when the tough times linger around for months or even years. But the reality is we are not Read More

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What exactly does it mean to have a resilient business? And how do we make this a reality?

Here is the fourth and final video in the “Doing Small Business Better” ZDnet/Telstra panel series – where we talk about what it actually means to be resilient and how Read More

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Time to get all “proverby” on you…

Check out this weeks article – CLICK HERE.