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We Need to Learn to Celebrate Our Business Mistakes

I encounter a lot of business owners who lament the mistakes they’ve made and what these mistakes have cost them. I tend to take a different approach, and having made Read More

Check Out the Latest Episode of the Business Over Breakfast Podcast – Strategies to Make Business Travel a Breeze

There are some business owners who do a ton of business travel and then there are some who do not care to travel. No matter where you land on that Read More


I’m sure that anyone who follows me on social media will know that I do a lot of Professional Speaker training. I do my own workshops, my own 12 month Read More

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You Can Be Far More Self Sufficient in Your Business

How on earth do we know if we are on track or not in our business? Most of us just measure our progress by our bank account balance, which is Read More

How Easy Do You Make it For Others to Sell You?

Most of us have people who would actually love to refer more business to us, but they simply don’t know how to sell us. And this is normally because we Read More

Are You Being Left Behind Because You Don’t Have an App?

I recently came across one of the funniest apps ever – it’s a copy of Uber, but for priests on scooters in the city of Rome. Basically, if you have Read More

Envy in Business is a Deadly Sin

If we look hard enough we will always find someone just like us who has done more, who earns more, who has a better body, a more attractive partner, who Read More

Whatever You Want More Of, Give More Of.

  I’ve found this to be one of the most universally true laws of life. Whatever it is you want more of in your life, give more of it. If Read More

Are You Strong Enough to Make a Tough Call?

Andrew and Bree discuss how in business sometimes you have to make those tough calls that are necessary for your business, whether it be regarding staff, customers or clients. Often Read More

Do you have Small Business Syndrome?

I often meet small business operators who say that they can’t do the type of marketing that big corporations do because they don’t have anywhere near the same large budgets. Read More

How Good is Your Business at Welcoming New Customers?

These days getting new customers is hard work. It’s complicated, hugely competitive and if we add the digital world of marketing with constantly evolving consumer habits and it’s a wonder Read More

What Role Does Intuition Play in Your Business?

Over the years I’ve made many mistakes in business. I don’t beat myself up about them, in fact I’m grateful to have made them because they’ve generally made me a Read More


I’m very proud to say that my thirteenth book is now officially released – Business Over Breakfast Vol 1 is on the shelves, in the Kindle machine, online at Amazon and Australia’s Read More

We All Need Someone to Look Up To

Having a person to look up to, to learn from and to have as a role model could be considered one of our fundamental needs, but sadly not everyone has Read More

7 Ways to Stay Positive in Tough Times

Business of any kind is cyclic. We have good times, we have bad times, we have the bits in between where we just seem to tread water. It’s just the Read More

Smart Marketing Often Means Going Against the Current

Digital promotion is easy, it is cheap, and it is instant, all good reasons to embrace it. However, we live in a world where everyone is going digital, and as Read More

Check Out the Latest Episode of the Business Over Breakfast Podcast – Preparing Yourself to Survive the War Zone of Tough Financial Times

Have you experienced tough financial times in your business? Let’s face it… you either have faced challenging periods or you will, and that is simply an inevitable chapter that every Read More

Are You Struggling to Come Up With Ideas for Your Content?

One of the biggest challenges for content creators is coming up with ideas for whatever it is they are going to write about or talk about. We tend to think Read More