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My next Author 2.0 Bali Retreat is coming up in November 2016.

Following the success of my first Author 2.0 Bali retreat, I’ve had a lot of people wanting to do the next one – so here it is. Coming up in Read More

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Well we are one month into Smallville…

Well we are one month into Smallville today – and in the first month we have had almost 10,000 unique visitors and well over 30,000 page views, which is pretty Read More

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7 reasons to give thanks to hipsters for changing how we do business

I have to say I really enjoyed writing this article. I love hipsters and I really do think they are changing the way to think about business and the way Read More

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Are your freebies financing other people’s dreams?

When a prospective client asks you to work for free ‘while they get things off the ground’ – alarm bells should go off. In this months Flying Solo column I offer Read More

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6 Ways to be Less of a Worrier

For most of my life I was a worrier. I would always worry about what could go wrong, over thinking everything and living in a constant state of stress. The Read More

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It’s the end of financial year again, and I think that spells out opportunity.

OK – the dreaded “End of Financial Year” is around the corner, and often in the Small Business world it is considered more of a pain than anything else. Apart Read More

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Please stop telling me to slow down and start telling me to speed up!

This week in my Smallville article I make a request – please stop telling me to slow down and start telling me to speed up! READ MORE.

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Could you be the client from hell? Well that’s an awkward question….

We all have them, that one client that drives us nuts, the one we can never keep happy and the one that for some reason, never seems to leave. But Read More

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Do manners maketh the entrepreneur?

I certainly think they do. For me good manners are definitely good for business, and they provide a great opportunity to stand out from the pack, as generally, I find Read More


Check out my latest Flying Solo articles…..

And if it has been a while since you checked out my Flying Solo column, here are my latest articles. Just click on the picture above or READ MORE HERE.

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We all need to get better at “random acts of thank you”

Yep, how good are you at saying ‘thank you’ to your customers? I’ve been talking about this for years, but today I think it is more important than ever. READ Read More

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A big question – how are you limiting beliefs impacting your business?

I think they have more affect than we want to admit. Over the years my limiting beliefs caused me a lot of grief. READ MORE.

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How to build highly engaged tribes – with special guest Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

I did a webinar earlier in the week with the lovely Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, author of “The Mentor Within”, about tribe building. Rosemary is very good at creating engaged communities and Read More

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SMALLVILLE has arrived….

Well today I had the great pleasure of launching a new project that I have been working on for about a year – SMALLVILLE is now live.   Smallville is Read More

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WEBINAR – 31st MAY – How to build a deeply engaged community with author, Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

In this webinar Andrew Griffiths talks with Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, author of ‘The Mentor Within’, about building deeply connected and engaged tribes. Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, director of Triple Win Enterprises and author Read More

Want to get serious about making your own videos?

Next week Geoff Anderson and Jules Blundell are running a sensational one day workshop on Video Production. It’s on next Tuesday in Sydney and Thursday in Melbourne. Check out what Read More

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Tuesday 10th May, Bree James is presenting at the Cairns Business Womens Club

My very good friend Bree James is the guest speaker next Tuesday, 10th of May, at the Cairns Business Womens Club. Bree and I are working on a number of Read More


Small Business Week is certainly shaping up to be a great week in Queensland

It’s only a couple of weeks now till the 2016 Queensland Small Business Week kicks off. There are lots of events happening all over the state. I’ll be presenting at Read More