19 January 2007

101 Ways to build your business whilst donating blood

I have been donating blood for about 20 years. I first started to donate as a result of seeing my foster mother needing blood transfusions to help her in the fight against cancer, which sadly she lost at the unfair age of 30. Today I donate plasma (the suspiciously urine like substance in the photo) about once a month.

In simple terms that I understand, the amazing staff at the Cairns Blood Bank hook me up to a machine that takes out whole blood (the red and in some cases blue stuff) which is then put into a centrifuge and the plasma taken out and the red blood put back in.

The whole process takes about an hour. It is painless and it gives me a chance to have a few minutes to myself to think about life, the day that was or the day to come. You can donate plasma more often than whole blood which makes it appealing to me from a donors point of view. But really, donating blood or plasma is a very good thing to do.


If you really want to be productive, there are many things that you can do in the hour that it takes to donate. Most of the tips in my books only take a few minutes to action so this hour could be used to build your business. I can make up some tips for building your business whilst donating blood if people are interested. Let me know and I will post it here.

So I am encouraging all business owners to take some time out of your business schedule and donate some blood or plasma. I would love to hear from other business owners who are regular donours. Lets get a bit of a push together to save a few more lives.

Thanks, Andrew G.

For more information about donating blood visit www.donateblood.com.au

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