21 September 2017


I’m very proud to say that my thirteenth book is now officially released – Business Over Breakfast Vol 1 is on the shelves, in the Kindle machine, online at Amazon and Australia’s largest online bookstore, Booktopia, in awesome bookshops everywhere and pretty much everywhere else around the world. And the response has been fantastic.

Now my partner in all things business these days is Bree James. She has co-authored Business Over Breakfast with me and what a blast that was. Bree has been an entrepreneur since the age of ten, she has unique way of thinking and solving problems. We don’t always agree, but we are both incredibly passionate about everything we do and this shines through in the Business Over Breakfast podcast and now in the Business Over Breakfast Book.

Basically the way the book works is that I pose an idea or concept designed to make you think differently about how you do business (and some of these are seriously challenging I hope). Then Bree comes along, adds her thoughts and provides some very cool insights to implement the idea. Feedback has been incredible – we are getting some serious loving – business owners love being challenged to think differently.

And don’t be alarmed, but this is a 500 page monster of a book. We all need a bit of roughage with our breakfast, well you certainly get that with this mammoth book of business ideas. We have issued a 100 day challenge in Business Over Breakfast Vol 1 – 100 ideas, 100 breakfasts, 100 days – imagine how your business could look in 100 days?

As one of the greatest entrepreneurial minds on the planet Daniel Priestly says, “Business Over Breakfast is the book you keep next to your Coco Pops, grab a strong coffee, a pen, some paper, an iPad or a whiteboard and turn your breakfast into the most productive and thought-provoking 30 minutes of your day”.

For those who don’t really know me, I’ve been writing books for 20 years. My first 12 books have all become bestsellers, giving me the title of Australia’s #1 Small Business author, based purely on book sales. Over the years they have been sold in some 60 countries globally and translated into Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Estonian and soon Iranian.

Bree and I have three books planned in the Business Over Breakfast series. Each one will be a 500 page, idea rich beast designed with one purpose – to help you be as successful as you possibly can be in your business by converting your breakfast into the most important part of your business day.

OK, so now we are sure you will want to grab your copy and get into your breakfast – so where can you buy Business Over Breakfast Vol 1? It’s available in hard copy and eBook of course through the

1. Booktopia – CLICK HERE

2. Amazon – CLICK HERE

3. Barnes and Noble – CLICK HERE


5. Book Depository – CLICK HERE

And pretty much every good bookstore (and hopefully a few bad ones as well) will either be stocking it or you can order a copy from them.

We would love to get your feedback and perhaps you might even be kind enough to write a testimonial for us on any the sites where you can buy the book from.

Thanks for being so wonderfully supportive. Business Over Breakfast is gaining momentum as a Podcast show and now as the book series. Who knows what’s next? Believe us, there is a great deal to come.

Bree James and Andrew Griffiths


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