20 June 2017

Check Out the Latest Episode of the Business Over Breakfast Podcast -Banish Limiting Beliefs to Break through to Your next Level of Success

We all have limiting beliefs that may be holding us back in our business, but in this episode of Business over Breakfast, Bree and Andrew will give you a few ideas on how to deal with them. Some typical limiting beliefs we hear all the time are “my customers can only afford to pay so much,” “I can’t raise my prices” or “I’m a small business and I can’t do this.” No matter what beliefs are holding you back, if you can overcome then, that is when your business will really succeed. Learn some strategies to address these limitations to move you and your business forward.

 Plus, our guest this episode, Shelley Evans-Wild, one of the most extraordinary neuroscientists in the country, will bring some brain science to the behaviours behind our limiting beliefs. She is the founder and CEO of People HQ and has been dedicated to helping others in unleashing their potential to stretch their mindsets and shape a better world. Her specialisation in how and why people behave the way they do in groups helps us shed some light on how to break through our limiting beliefs.

Plus, Bree and Andrew also get into today…
  • Identifying the most common limiting beliefs of business owners
  • Fighting against others’ limiting beliefs to become successful in business
  • How to zoom out to understand you created a false narrative about yourself
  • Understanding the connection between self-worth and business value
  • Tackling limiting beliefs through habit hijacking
  • The all too common “imposter syndrome” feeling of small business owners
  • Why you need to combat limiting beliefs
  • 4 wild and wacky business ideas from around the world

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