11 July 2015

Recently I had the great pleasure of delivering a TEDx talk.

I had the great pleasure of doing a TEDx talk in Townsville recently – and here is the recording. Love your feedback – not a topic I talk about a great deal, which is exactly the point. Talking at and spending the day at this fantastic TEDx event was pretty special. A great life experience – and hopefully the world will become a little less angry as a result of what I had to say.

25 thoughts on “Recently I had the great pleasure of delivering a TEDx talk.”

  1. Andrew, my heart is pounding. There is so much in this talk that can change the world – and will. Talk about leaving your legacy.

  2. Thank you Andrew, a topic dear to my heart too. What a great challenge you’ve thrown out. What if only 33% of us did it? Now that’s making a difference. Loved your book ‘The Me Myth’.

  3. Rachel Smith says:

    Brilliant Andrew. I want everyone I know to watch, listen and learn.

  4. Thanks Rachel – yep, lets spread the message.


  5. Thanks Victoria – that’s what is cool about the TED concept – they want game changing ideas. The theme for this event was curiosity – and I’ve always been curious about anger. Seemed like a logical thing to explore a little deeper. I really appreciate your constant support Victoria. Cheers – Andrew

  6. And coming from you Rosemary, this means a great deal to me! Thank you. A topic for discussion sometime soon me thinks.


  7. Drew says:

    What I took from this talk was the higher connections between us all and how business leaders can be people leaders and chapions for the bigger conversations that need to happen in all our lives. Inspiring, encouraging and energising. Now I’m off to see how I can play my part better. Thanks AG.

  8. Incredible – both the content itself, as well as the structure of the speech. I loved the transition from the humorous intro to the gravity of your story, then on to the digestible lessons you’ve learnt. A great model for other aspiring TED presenters!

  9. Thanks Jacqui – the briefing from the TEDx team is very good. They want their speakers to make the audience laugh, make them cry and make them think. So that is how I developed the concept, I started with fun, got a bit deeper and heavier and then posed the thinking part. I love this structure and I’m going to recommend it for speaker training in the future. Of course this might not be appropriate for every situation, but certainly for most. Thanks again for your kind words Jacqui. Cheers – Andrew

  10. Hey Drew – great take homes! And you my friend already play a big part – keep playing it I say. Thanks mate – Andrew

  11. Rubina Usman says:

    What an amazing talk. You are always an inspiration Andrew. Thank you for being you, thank you for spreading your love and your message and thank you for keep on taking a stand for this world…
    We love you

  12. Geoff Collinson says:

    Hi Andrew

    Incredibly inspiring through your own experience. I have been touched recently by the thoughts that the new billionaires are the people that change the lives of a billion people for the better. You are well on the way.

  13. Doyle Buehler says:

    This is so inspiring Andrew. The mind is so powerful, to overcome what slows us down and brings us “backwards” into anger. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Victoria Fox says:

    Just brilliant Andrew 🙂 I love the message that little acts of kindness can change the world. Congratulations on such an incredible speech delivered with such love #classicAG

  15. Thank you Victoria – I value your opinion very much. X

  16. James says:

    AG. Your story. Your TEDx theme. Your passion simply works.

  17. Darren Finkelstein says:

    Loved listening to your message, it was really well delivered. We live in a crazy world with way too much anger, everywhere, every day. Let’s take Andrew’s advice, why not have a global ‘Be Kind Day’.
    Who’s in?

  18. Love that idea Daz. Lets get it rockin. Cheers – AG

  19. Thanks James – always appreciate the support – cheers – Andrew

  20. Thanks for being so supportive and appreciative of my TEDx talk Doyle. It means a lot to me – Cheers – Andrew

  21. You are a sweetheart Rubina! Thank you for being so loving. Big hug – Andrew X

  22. Game changing buddy… I absolutely loved every minute of it, a unique blend of `inspiring reality and food for the soul`. – Dean S Hawkins

  23. Thanks Deano. Your turn will come soon mate – Cheers – Andrew

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