05 April 2008

We all need a little positivity recharge from time to time

Well I’m sitting in a hotel room on the Gold Coast, Australia, looking out over one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, contemplating a huge storm heading this way as I get ready for my annual recharge with one of the most amazing people on the planet, Anthony Robbins. This is the third seminar I have done with Anthony Robbins, and I have yet to meet anyone as dynamic, energetic or impressive as him. Now the fact that I am a motivational speaker and trainer myself makes people ask me why on earth do I need to come to see someone like Anthony Robbins?

For me that is a very easy question to answer. It’s like being the worlds greatest mechanic but never taking the time work on your own car. You get everyone else’s cars running like magic whilst yours slowly falls to bits. I need to get my energy and positivity levels recharged and five days locked in a room with 1000 lunatics like me with Anthony Robbins on stage is something that I just love. It lets me relax and be a participant rather than the guy at the front of the room doing the work. It lets me review my own style to look for ways to do what I do better and most importantly of all, it makes me stop and invest time, money and energy on myself to help me grow on every level.

Likewise I spend a fortune on books on positive attitudes, changing your life, business, self development and just about anything else that will make me a better person. I often get asked by people why I buy so many books (and when I say I buy a lot I really do buy a lot), when I am already such a positive and energetic person. Again, the answer is simple, these books help me to stay energetic and positive and for that reason alone, I see them as investments that are worth their weight in gold.

In my opinion, we all need a positivity recharge from time to time. It might be simply catching up with a good friend who always makes you feel bloody fantastic. It might be reading an inspirational book or seeing a life changing movie……..or if you are really lucky, it might be walking on hot coals with Anthony Robbins.

Take care, stay energised and help others to do likewise. Remember a few kind and supportive words can change someone else’s life forever. See you in a week.


3 thoughts on “We all need a little positivity recharge from time to time”

  1. Nicky Jurd says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Tony Robbins but have heard missed reports, mostly from people who couldn’t get ‘in the mood’ while in his seminars. Sounds like he’s well worth seeing from this report though!

  2. Nicky I can’t recommend him enough. Go with an open mind and an open heart. Commit to the event and what is going on and you will get a huge amount out of it. Not for everyone – that’s for sure, but it does it for me. Lovely to see you and the big fella the other day. Take care – Unleash the Power Within – October, Anthony Robbins in Sydney – I will be there! Cheers AG

  3. Geoff Beck says:

    Hey Andrew,
    Like Nicky, in the past I’ve heard mixed responses to Anthony Robbins seminars. Agree, one must have the right mindset when attending motivational type events or it’s just a waste of money and time for everyone. Have read an Anthony Robbins book in the past plus seen him on TV a couple of times, I do envy how Anthony commands audiences and empowers positive thinking, just amazing.

    Andrew good luck and enjoy, what a buzz.


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