25 February 2008

Make a list of the words that describe your life now and how you would like it to be.

From my own experience, those people who are positive and energetic about life and their business, are always much happier and more balance. If you listen closely to what they say, you will see that their words reflect their thoughts and that is the key.

Recently I was having a massage to relieve pain from holding too much stress in my neck. The masseur talked and talked and really started to drive me crazy, mainly because I was in so much pain. But I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started listening to her. She was amazing. She was raving about how much she loved her job, being able to meet people, look out of the window into her garden and travel from place to place. I thought she must have been new at the game, but then she said she had been doing it for twenty years. I was dumbfounded. Twenty years of rubbing oil on strangers backs, which is hard physical work and often not in the most pleasant of environments. But the words she used to describe her job and her life were inspirational and uplifting.

I think that all to often we struggle to clarify what it is we like about our lives and what we don’t like. I did an exercise for myself a few years ago where I made up a description of how I saw my life at the time. What I liked, what I didn’t like and what I wanted to change. Then I wrote another description about how I wanted my life to be, right down to how much money I wanted to earn, what type of woman I wanted to be in relationship with, how much and where I wanted to travel and even what kind of car I wanted to drive.
So here I had two bits of paper, one in each hand. One said where I was today and the other described where I want to be tomorrow. Now I could get a clear picture in my head of where I was heading and why.

This is a very powerful exercise on many levels. For starters it makes you stop and think about what it is that is missing in your life and what are the things that you really want to achieve. Statistically less than five percent of people have written goals like this. Interestingly enough, those people who are the most successful normally fit into the five percentile band.

Defining the goals that you want to achieve can be tough. I tend to break them into a few categories including business, relationship, health, financial and spiritual. Regardless of how you want to go about defining where you are going, just doing it is a great start and be a little flexible. It isn’t an exam with right or wrong answers.

What can you do today? Sit down, write all of the things about your life that you like or don’t like and then on another piece of paper, write down how you would like your life to be. Try and make it as specific as you can.

One thought on “Make a list of the words that describe your life now and how you would like it to be.”

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