05 February 2012

Sitting on the dock of the bay…

Please forgive my indulgence but I really felt a need to share this clip from the “Playing for Change” series as well. The gentleman that starts the song off is Roger Ridley. Sadly Roger died suddenly a few years back. What an incredible voice he had and if you take a moment or two to do a Google search, you will find out just what an incredible man he was in so many ways. I tracked down a CD of his (there is only one), it is scratchy, badly recorded, the volumes go all over the place and it is perfect in every way. I will treasure it always. Roger used to tell people that he was “in the JOY business”. He certainly spread plenty of it and doesn’t his love for singing and entertaining shine through? Many people say that Otis Reading wrote sitting on the Dock of the Bay, but Roger Ridley owned it. He was a very rich man.

2 thoughts on “Sitting on the dock of the bay…”

  1. Roz Bishop says:

    Indulge me !!!! Playng for change!!! Beautiful stuff.

  2. Thanks Roz – and how strange (and wonderful) that you should leave a comment. You have been on my mind this morning, then this appears. A Playing for Change Miracle! Have a great day. Andrew.

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