29 September 2010

The new Tourism Queensland Campaign

Tourism Queensland has just launched their latest campaign and as always, there are mixed opinions on all fronts. Personally I like it. The “power statement” is “Where Australia shines”, and the imagery certainly covers most corners of Queensland. It is energetic, outdoors and wet. My only constructive criticism would be to ask the question – does it appeal to people who don’t want to jump off of boats, swing through rainforest canopies, scuba dive, white water raft and about a million other outdoor and active things to do in Queensland? Perhaps more of the cultural features of Queensland could be featured, but it is hard to put everything into a 60 second commercial and the reality is that people who come to Queensland come because of the natural beauty, the climate and endless list of things to see and do. So based on this, I think the campaign deserve two thumbs up. But there will be plenty of knockers, no doubt.

5 thoughts on “The new Tourism Queensland Campaign”

  1. susan jones says:

    …. and can i just add the little blonde girl (Evie Shaw) in the Far North Queensland parts of this ad is a Port Douglas local, who right now is in Brisbane Mater Children’s Hospital battling a brain tumour. There are a few fund raising events going on right now for her and her family and if anyone is interested in donating prizes or cash please go to Corrine Garland’s Facebook page.

  2. My take on the new campaign Andrew, especially the video is that it portrays Queensland as only white, middle class, and affluent.

    Like you also said, where’s the cultural bit??

    the result is a predicable mono-syllabic approach to what Queensland is like, all poster puff. Tourism bodies have a role to truly reflect the diversity and cultural make-up, and this latest effort fails miserably. It’s full of pretty hedonistic moneyed locals and travelers, splashing around in the water. Looks nice, but is it really a true reflection of Queensland? I think not.

    There’s obviously no black fellas in Queensland.

  3. Elza Beahm says:

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