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FREE WEBINAR – For aspiring authors.

Research shows that just about everyone thinks about writing a book at some stage in their life, but of course, thinking about it and doing it are two very different Read More

It’s time to put an end to horrible slide decks once and for all. FREE WEBINAR.

CREATING WORLD CLASS SLIDE DECKS WEBINAR – TUESDAY 11th AUGUST 2020 10am. Is it time to get serious and take your slide decks to a world class level? And put Read More

10 Strategies Helping Me to Stay Semi-Sane as a Business Owner During COVID19. 

So, I’ve been at home since March 16, 2020. This is the longest I’ve been in the one place for well over 30 years as far as I can remember. Read More

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I get asked all the time where I get my royalty free video footage?

I’m using more and more video footage in my slide decks, on my website, in promotional pieces and pretty much everywhere else. Finding high quality royalty free footage isn’t easy. Read More

Make sure you are communicating well with your customers as your business reopens.

As part of my ongoing work with NEWABLE in the UK, I’ve been sharing some simple advice to help business owners get their cash registers working as people start getting Read More

Is now a good time to develop a business continuity plan?

I’ve been doing quite a few webinars and providing content for the wonderful British organisation NEWABLE. The aim is to help business owners get back on track as England slowly Read More

10 Practical Ways That Small Business Owners Can Really Support Other Small Business Owners.

As small business owners, we all know other small business owners. We have an affinity and sense of understanding each other and I think, a desire to help each other. Read More

My new book is due for release in September 2020 and I think it’s going to be a doozy.

Yep, it’s that time again, my fourteenth book is in the publishing stages and I couldn’t be happier with it. I think the timing of this book is really good, Read More


OK, that’s a quote from Winston Churchill – and boy, did he go through a crisis or two. There is however a lot of logic in his statement – because Read More

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

OK, that’s a quote from Winston Churchill – and boy, did he go through a crisis or two. There is however a lot of logic in his statement – because Read More

Are you struggling with a COVID19 hangover?

A lot of people I’m talking to and working with are saying ‘absolutely’. They are struggling with productivity, motivation and even just managing their emotions. If you think about we’ve Read More

It’s finally happened, in a few short months, death by ZOOM is a thing…

OK, it’s happened. The joy and relief that life can go on when we are all working in a virtual location has been replaced with ‘Death by ZOOM’, and in Read More

How to create deeper engagement with your virtual communication.

WEBINAR RECORDING LINK If you missed my webinar on Wednesday about creating real engagement when communicating virtually – here is a link to the recording. You can also download my Read More

Is this the face staring back at you when you’re doing your ZOOM calls?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Mastering the tech is easy, creating deep engagement is certainly not. All of sudden your entire world revolves around ZOOM or an equivalent. You’ve learned Read More

EPISODE 4 of the “Let’s Kick this Bug in the Nuts Show” is now live.

A few weeks back my good friend Darren Finkelstein and I started a weekly video called “Let’s kick this bug in the nuts”. The idea was to do a live Read More

Now really is the time to define your brand.

This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but I wonder how many businesses really get it? The actions you take now, or the actions you don’t take now, Read More

A framework for the road ahead.

MAKING SURE THE CORONAVIRUS DOESN’T KILL YOUR BUSINESS I’ve never seen so much uncertainty, fear, panic and worry in the business world in my lifetime. It’s happened really fast and Read More

Download a copy of our free ebook….101 things you can do during your 14 day quarantine.

Well, it’s done and dusted. Big thanks to Lalita Lowe, everyone who submitted an idea (the ones we could publish) and Leticia Moran (graphic designer extraordinaire)…if you’d like a copy Read More