A 12 Point Entrepreneurial Success Checklist

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5 New Ways to Succeed in the Changing Landscape of Content

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Rare Birds Cairns Ambassador Launch Event

So whilst I’m not really a Rare Bird, I have been described as a bit of a galah. But the true Rare Birds are having a breakfast event in Cairns Read More

Are You Brave Enough to Make Your Daily Schedule Suit You Lifestyle?

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Is Your Need for Perfection Breaking Those Around You?

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Cooktown and Cape York Business Conference 2016

I’m really looking forward to presenting and MC’ing this event in Cooktown in November. Some great speakers, one of the most beautiful towns on the planet and lots of meaty Read More

What’s the One Thing Your Customers Simply Won’t Accept?

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Simple Ways to Stop Fights About Money With Your Customers

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Is It Time to Let Go of the Old Stories That No Longer Serve You?

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(VIDEO) 9 Ways to Manage People Chasing You for Money

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7 Sure Signs You Need to Get Out More

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I just launched my Speaker 2.0 Bali Retreat

As you know, I’ve been a professional speaker for many years. In fact, if I look back at my very first business, teaching people to SCUBA dive at the age Read More

A Really Simple Way to Make Your Emails Stand Out

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Maybe it’s Time to Put an Angry Customer in Front of Your Team

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