And this week on I’m talking trust…

Oh the times are well and truly changing. In the good old days marketing was all about telling people how awesome our business is and by association how awesome we Read More

Are the disruptors being disrupted?

I love this. Most of us know Dollar Shave Club, the disruptor that changed the way millions of men buy razors (me included). So now we have Dollar Beard Club, Read More

I could write anything on my blog if only I knew what to write about

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for things to write about on your blog? Or in articles? Rest assured most people do. Here are 21 suggestions that might Read More

If you’re a CEO, Senior Manager or Executive – it’s time to ramp up those presentation skills.

When it comes to presentation skills, I strongly believe that higher level executives have special needs. The environments where they have to present tend to be hugely varied, there is Read More

And the latest episode of funny business is anything but funny – staying productive during a crisis.

Well it had to happen. At some stage funny business had to go dark. Of course it could be that Timbo and I are the only ones who think we Read More

Podcasts are flowing thick and fast – here’s one that I think is excellent for business owners.

  Now there are a lot of podcasts flowing this days – some great, some not so much. One that got my attention is “Not Another Business Show”. I was Read More

Most businesses go to great lengths to make this mistake…

This week on Inc I talk about a problem that seems to be on the rise. Businesses going out of their way to say how they are the same as Read More

BOOKS WITH BITE – My first episode!

Books are a big part of my life (surprise surprise right?). Well I write books, I help others to write books and I read a lot of books. I’m always Read More

This week on, my article is all about detachment….in a good way.

Do you get a little over excited when putting in a proposal for a big job? Do you start daydreaming about what the money would mean? Do you go and Read More

Have you lost that loving feeling for your business?

OK, let’s be honest, we all have those times when our business sucks. The times we have well and truly lost that loving feeling and not really sure where to Read More