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It’s beginning to feel a lot like……

This is just AWESOME. If you want to see one of the best promotions ever, watch this. Love your work Westjet.

This is easily one of the most extraordinary, clever and heartfelt promotions I have seen in a long time. Very cool Westjet – and you sure made a lot of Read More

What happens when an ad agency gets their hands on Santa’s Brand…..

This is the end result of a British ad agency with too much time on their hands. Well actually it is very funny and probably only really relevant to any Read More

Is your business being held hostage by overly demanding customers?

Here is my latest article on Inc.com – How to deal with customers who believe that everything needs to be done yesterday. ENJOY. CLICK HERE  

The grass is always greener right?

My latest article on the ANZ Small Business Hub has gone live. In this article I am talking about the problems associated with business envy (everyone elses business is better, Read More

It’s time for some FUNNY BUSINESS…..

I know, it has been a while between episodes, but it is bloody hard to get two funny fellas in the same room at the same time (well on the Read More


Today, more than ever, small business owners have to write. We not only have to write daily communication (and with email we are all writing a lot more personal correspondence Read More