Time to ponder the year that was…

Time to reflect, celebrate your successes, plan for the year ahead and most importantly get excited. Christmas is about the only time that most of us get at least a Read More

To the parents out there who swore that their life would never change….when the kids came along…..

Will my phone ever ring again?

As we head into Christmas most businesses start to wind down. Our customer’s attention tends to shift to the imminent holidays and there is a general slowing down. We get Read More

Are you struggling to deal with grumpy customers?

We all have to deal with grumpy customers from time to time, but it really can be pretty darn deflating. So how can you learn to deal with those folks, Read More

A beautiful start to every day…

I watch this video most mornings – it is 5 minutes of my daily routine that reminds me to start the day off with the right sense of gratitude and Read More

The Science of Persuassion

We all have to use persuassion at some stage, this video provides an interesting take on the subject.

Looking for crowd funding options in Australia?

I recently met Bryan Vadas from iPledg – an Australian crowd funding organisation. If you have a project, product, social cause or pretty much anything else, that could do with Read More

Doing your marketing homework pays off

This is an interesting commercial promoting Singapore as a tourist destination. Clearly they have done their homework, identifying what Australian’s think about Singapore and then addressing several key negative perceptions Read More