Wealth Creator Magazine…

I have an article in this months Wealth Creator Magazine about networking. I have covered 7 key strategies to help people connect with others and to generate more business. A Read More

Adding the visual element to a brainstorming session

Check out the images in the following presentation. They are all visually stimulating which can make them great conversation starters and good for though provoking discussions. If you can get Read More

How good is a brand when people go to this amount of effort to talk about it?

Apple-Curious – The iPhone 5 from an Android Fan from David Crandall

Welcome to the dollar shave club…..a very good commercial (and You Tube clip)

We need to test our products but is this going too far?

I love this video and this company. They have developed their marketing campaign based on creating videos (with the CEO as the star) showing just how tough their blenders are. Read More

And the publishing world continues to evolve….or does it?

My friends at Slides that Rock have published a book on presentations that “don’t suck” (they probably use better grammar than me but what the hell). Interesting to see the Read More

My next Presenters Bootcamp – Cairns, September 28th

Ideal for sales people or anyone who needs to present as part of their job or business, this energetic, powerful one day program will provide you with hundreds of smart Read More

The latest business and consumer trends that we all need to know

trendwatching.com’s MINI TRENDS from trendwatching.com

Keep the negative sods at bay….

Just as we develop negative thought patterns that are reinforced by negative language, there are often people in our lives who further reinforce these beliefs and literally bring us down Read More

Some FREE business building videos…

If you click on the link below you can go to the FREE STUFF section of my website and watch a few videos of mine. I cover four pretty diverse Read More