Stop beating yourself up when you make a mistake

  We all make mistakes, especially in business. There is a no “Golden Rule” book to follow to guarantee our success, unfortunately we have to figure it out as we Read More

Have pride in your workplace even if you are the only one there

When was the last time you walked into a business and went, ‘Wow’? My guess would be not recently, but I hope I am wrong. Your workplace should be impressive, Read More

Andrew Griffiths 101 Series all available at

The entire Andrew Griffiths 101 Series is now available from the worlds leading eBook site – For more information on specific titles please click on the following links – Read More

Ask your customers for ideas on how you can improve your sales

                          Customers are an amazing source of information that can be really profitable. The problem is that most Read More

Tropical Writers Festival in Cairns

  The last weekend of August will see the Tropical Writers Festival being held at the Shangri La Hotel in Cairns (August 30/31). A host of authors, across all genres Read More

New look BLOG

Dear Bloggees, You can see that my blog has had a revamp and my site is next in line for a makeover. My apologies for not posting any new blogs Read More

Be proud of your business

Being proud of your business is an admirable quality and most customers will respond positively to the "proud business parent". Today’s business is often the end result of a lot Read More

Make it easy for people to buy from you

    I talk about coffee shops a lot. There are two reasons – the first is that I spend a lot of time scribbling notes furiously in coffee shops Read More

Talk about customer service to your staff, a lot

Customer service is an issue that many businesses really struggle to get a handle on. For some people it is simply serving customers quickly and politely, but in reality it Read More

Start a VIP Club

Starting a club for your customers is an excellent way to maintain great service and also to collect information from your customers about what you are doing well and what Read More