The first 30 seconds

The first 30 seconds of any business interaction are best considered an interview. A customer will form many opinions in this initial interaction and it provided a limited window of Read More

Do you over promise and under deliver?

In businesses that are overly busy this point poses a challenge. In businesses not so busy, it is unforgivable. Over promising and under delivering is the best way to lose Read More

Reader feedback – 101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business

Hi Andrew,

 Firstly congratulations on a fabulous new book. I had not read any of your other books but picked up 101 secrets to building a winning business in Melbourne Read More

Time to get a little personal…

One of the great advantages that small businesses have over their large corporate cousins, is the ability to form relationships with their customers. In a big firm, people come and Read More

Never lose touch with your customers

I recently attended a presentation by Tom Potter, one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and the founder of Eagle Boys Pizza, a business with 150 franchises across Australia. It was interesting Read More


We live in a world where there are so many communication options there really is no excuse for not staying in touch. That said, I have noticed something that is Read More

Mystery shop your way to success

Mystery shoppers (or shadow shoppers) are used by more businesses every day to provide an independent evaluation of what the business is doing well and what it could be doing Read More

Go to successful businesses and find out why they are successful

This is good advice and again it is along the theme of becoming an excellent business observer. Whenever you find out about a really successful business, perhaps they have won Read More

Passion at work – Shivani

I had the pleasure of meeting Shivani, the author of “Passion at Work”, at a recent seminar I presented in Newcastle. I have been watching the SBS show, “Risking It Read More

The poverty mentality…

If you are going to let the fear of poverty govern your life, your reward will be that you will eat, but you will not live. George Bernard Shaw

101 Secrets to Building A Winning Business

Andrew Griffiths 7th book is released tomorrow, July 2, 2008. This book covers a range of business building tips in areas as diverse as marketing, customer service, managing cash, building Read More