Don’t be a victim and keep people who play victim out of your life

I had one of those unusual childhoods – I grew up as an orphan, living with a host of different people during my formative years – some people were great, Read More

How much stress do you want to carry around?

A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, “How heavy is this glass of water? ” Various answers were called out from Read More

Aim for a win win in every negotiation

There is a saying that for a negotiation to really work, all parties need to win. The level of the win varies, but that is the ideal outcome. Some people Read More

Are you really committed to being the very best?

Being the best at what you do has to start with a very firm and genuine belief that you can be the best. If you start your business with the Read More

Have a strong moral code with no shades of grey

How many examples do we see of high profile people who are shining stars today becoming corporate disgraces tomorrow? It really is quite disheartening when business leaders featured on the Read More

Thank you to those who attended ITIB seminar 13th June

Just a quick note from me to personally thank everyone who got out of bed to come and hear my presentation on “How to have a business and a life”. Read More

Andrew Griffiths E Books

Andrew Griffiths titles can be purchased as ebooks from the worlds leading ebook site Simply click on the following link to go directly to the Andrew Griffiths ebook home Read More

A powerful story from Beryl Wilson

Dear Andrew – My husband and I began our security business 20 years ago. We have been very successful in running our business from home, working together growing the business Read More

Book Review – Winning Credibility

This is a great book written by father and son team, Zbigniew and Matthew Michalewicz. The tag line for Winning Credibility is “a guide for building a business from rags Read More

ANF Conference – Presentation Notes

Any attendees at the 2007 ANF Conference on Gold Coast can download Andrew Griffiths presentation notes from

The future of small business

Small businesses form the backbone of most economies. As populations grow worldwide, so do the number of small businesses staring up. Millions of people around the world continue to opt Read More