What do people expect when they make a complaint?

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Exactly how much does your business cost to run?

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Learn from your mistakes – and move on.

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Do you want to franchise your business?

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Fear and motivation – a double act.

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Invest in yourself – the reward is priceless

I spent two days this week doing an introductory course in HOS – Human Operating Systems. I have been meaning to do it for a few years and I have Read More

Be prepared to get up in front of a crowd – challenge yourself

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Get your own blog happening now!

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The marketing you do today will grow your business tomorrow

Many business owners stop marketing when their business gets busy. Then when their current workload eases they start marketing again. This stop start approach to marketing is not ideal and Read More

Never be afraid to tell people that you are good at what you do

I often wonder why people are almost afraid to pronounce that they are good at what they do but it is a phenomenon that is very real. Sometimes I think Read More

Do you want to be coached by Andrew Griffiths?

I often get asked by people from all walks of life about offering coaching services, specifically one on one. It is something that I have done unofficially for a long Read More

Never be afraid to put a proposal to someone

Many enormously successful entrepreneurs have got to where they are simply because they were bold enough to put a proposal to someone. This is the one that made them and Read More