Are you thinking about buying a business?

I bought my first business for $22,500. The asking price was $25,000 and I negotiated the price down to $22,500. The owner agreed and I went to the bank and Read More

What exactly is customer service?

Defining customer service is both simple and complicated in the same breath. I think that any interaction with a customer is a form of customer service. There are of course Read More

We are not alone

In the course of my daily working life I get to meet a lot of business owners from virtually every industry imaginable. These people are from big corporations and small, Read More

The little things

I find it interesting how most of the time it’s the little things that a business does that makes it memorable not the big things. The problem is that over Read More

Lay down with dogs and you get up with fleas

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that one of the true principles of succeeding in whatever it is you do, is to surround yourself with positive, motivated and Read More

Enjoy the journey – it will be a roller coaster ride!

Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride – all business owners face the same ups and downs, the same challenges, the same trials and tribulations and it’s easy to Read More

What exactly does a marketing company do?

This is a question that I get asked a lot and to try and come up with a simple answer is often difficult. The best way that I can describe Read More

It’s all about RESPECT

Customers should always be treated with the utmost of respect. Unfortunately, poor customer service generally stems from a real lack of respect for customers. As a consumer I know that Read More

Take the time to find out more about your industry

Interestingly this is often an idea that is overlooked by business owners. It is a very good exercise to spend some time seeing how your industry operates in other countries. Read More

Be proud of what you are

My passion really is small business. I love the fact that people are brave enough (or crazy enough) to give up financial security, set working hours and minimal responsibility for Read More

It’s all about presentation

Simple strategies for making a good sales presentation There is no doubt that there are very few methods of advertising as effective as calling on someone directly. This generally means Read More

Let’s get passionate

I believe very strongly that passion plays a major role in building any successful business, in fact I think it is the main ingredient. But whilst it is essential to Read More

One size fits all – or does it?

Many businesses take this approach to their customers and in all fairness, there probably was a time when this was a reasonable concept. After all, competition was limited, there wasn’t Read More


I was recently privileged enough to be invited as a guest speaker for a monthly lunch organised by local business women. I spoke about motivation from a slightly different perspective, Read More

Use change as a tool to reinvigorate your business

We are living in an age that has a greater rate of change than ever before and there is no reason to believe that this rate of change will slow Read More