03 February 2007

Never be afraid to put a proposal to someone

Many enormously successful entrepreneurs have got to where they are simply because they were bold enough to put a proposal to someone. This is the one that made them and started their career. Interestingly, these opportunities were generally created by the foresight of the aspiring entrepreneur and their ability to put a proposal forward, regardless of who the person was receiving it.

They weren’t daunted by the differences in the relationship – they had a good idea and they wanted someone to work with them to make it a reality.

I have discussed this with a number of entrepreneurs and they all agreed, they wouldn’t hesitate to put a proposal to anyone, no matter who they are or how big the proposal may be. If money can be made, odds on someone will run with it, its just a matter of finding the right person.

The classic example of this is Colonel Sanders. He had to take the Kentucky Fried Chicken concept to hundreds of banks and potential investors until he found someone who wanted to work with him – and he was in his fifties when he did it.

If you think you can solve a problem or help a business to make more money (often the two are related) what have you got to lose by putting a proposal to them? Sure you face the risk of them doing it themselves, but you also face the opportunity of them being impressed enough with you to get you involved.

There are ways you can protect yourself, confidentiality agreements are common in business but often they can be hard to enforce and the person you are submitting the proposal to may not want to sign it.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? The moral to this story is to think big and aim high. Never be afraid of asking the question and be big enough and bold enough to handle the outcome.

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