07 April 2024


Welcome to my world of Human Intelligence, founded 2024.

From now on I’m going to showcase any creative work I do, that is 100% created by me, without any AI input, with this new brand – CREATED 100% BY HUMAN INTELLIGENCE. Why? Because I think that once the shiny object phase of AI is over, and it becomes the mainstream work tool it is, human created work will become more valued than AI created work. It simply makes sense. If everyone can create the same thing, it has to get cheaper. Whilst the hand crafted, rarer work, becomes more valuable.

Take a book for example. I get that many people see AI as an easy route to writing a book. But if you can do a prompt or two, come up with a 40,000 word document created 100% by AI, in a few short minutes, from material freely available to all, it has little value or uniqueness, simply because anyone else can do the same. And rest assured there will be many books created this way – there already are. They serve a place. But topics will become blurred, anyone can write a book about anything with AI. How good can they be? Or even more importantly, how different can they be?

I think we will see human content, human content, human ideas and thinking and storytelling, becoming more valuable. And I think we will start to see books having to show what proportion of the content is AI and what proportion is HI? The price per book will change based on the origin of the content – cheap books, 100% AI created – valuable books, 100% HI created.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not a technophobe in the slightest. I believe AI is an amazing tool. The potential for business owners in particular is incredible. I see extraordinary value in productivity, systemisation, marketing etc. But when it comes to content – it has got to lead to homogenisation of creative. Everything will start to look, sound and read the same, in a specific industry or topic. The ability for unique is not really what AI is all about.

I guess time will tell. I feel that human created material, like books, will become move valued and valuable. Do you want advice from the collective mind or from the unique mind? So I’ll be using AI to run my business and make cool wombat generated images, but I’m going to keep promoting my human intelligence created work to differentiate what I do. My unique thinking, my unique experience and expertise and to add more value to what I do, as an author and a speaker.

Welcome to my world of Human Intelligence, founded 2024.


If you’d like to access this branding, you can. There is no charge. I’m simply asking that you use it in the way it is intended to be used. Put it on material that you have created 100%. Here are a few examples of where I’ll be using this logo: 

  • on my books now (on a dedicated page)
  • on my slide decks
  • on my content
  • my social media posts
  • on my websites  –
  • on anything that is 100% created by me.

There are a range of logo versions and some applied options in the folder link below.

Differentiate the material you’ve created – 100% human intelligence means it’s more valuable (as long as it’s 100% quality). Use this branding with pride. To me it’s a badge of honour. The response I’ve had already has been beyond extraordinary.


Andrew Griffiths



  1. This is fantastic Andrew! I love it! And I would like to use it! Thank you 😁 Although AI would not use all those ! Exclamation !!! But I do, because I am human. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Yeah well I give you permission to exclamation mark like there is no tomorrow!!! LOL X

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