03 March 2020

7 Strategies to limit the impact of the Coronavirus on your business

There’s a lot of growing fear around the Coronavirus and its potential impact on many things, including business. Like many of you, I’ve gone through so many tough times in business, from SARS, 911, the GFC, natural disasters of all kinds, that I’ve built a lot of resilience around dealing with challenging times. I sure as hell don’t like them, but I don’t feel helpless when faced with them. In this video I suggest a few ways to deal with the current issue at hand. I hope it helps. Cheers – Andrew

15 thoughts on “7 Strategies to limit the impact of the Coronavirus on your business”

  1. Thanks for the helpful comments Andrew. Very useful for anyone in
    business facing not just the corona-virus challenge but any other
    challenges in their business.

  2. Thanks Graham. Always appreciate your support and words of wisdom. Cheers – Andrew

  3. Paul Brown says:

    After watching your video – I need to get off my backside and contact my clients, as some of them are going to be considering reducing staff numbers, and that’s part of the work I do.
    Great video, regards Paul

  4. Margaret Bell says:

    Thanks for your sensible advice in this crazy world of retail

  5. I think we need some sensible Margaret. Cheer – Andrew

  6. Absolutely Paul. Proactive is the key. Get on the phone. Get on the email! Cheers – Andrew

  7. Gregory Bell says:

    Great advice and beautifully delivered Andrew, thank you for sharing your hard-earned wisdom.

  8. You are so welcome Gregory – thanks so much for your message. I really appreciate it. Cheers – Andrew

  9. Thank you for the tips, Andrew. Getting reliable information is so important!

    I’ve been seeing a surge of adverts promising safety from Corona Virus as well as posts about how a famous beer brand’s sales went down because their name is the same as the virus. Thank God the company came out with information that indicated their sales were not affected. They earned my respect with the way they handled this crisis which included demonstrating Emotional Intelligence when referring to those people who have been infected or families who have lost loved ones from it.

    It’s interesting how businesses respond to global crisis, isn’t it?

  10. It really is Vatsala – and not every organisation responds with emotional intelligence. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback – Andrew

  11. Mathis Engel says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Looove your blog !!! So nice, practical and sensible and so needed at the moment !

    Thank you !

  12. Thanks so much Mathis. Glad it helps. Cheers – Andrew

  13. Mark Collard says:

    Well played AG, I’m backing your thoughts here (and rationing sheets of toilet paper.)

    I wondering if some of these sentiments will be integrated into your proposed bullet-proof business package, one day?

  14. Hey MR C – they most definitely will be! It’s a good keynote topic too I think.


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