25 March 2009


Hello to all visitors to my BLOG. I get asked by a lot of small business owners if I would be prepared to put together a forum where business owners could get together and share information, solve problems, support one another and generally interact. I think this is a great idea, as long it is easy to use, not filled with junk and that people actually are participating.

Could anyone who is interested perhaps take a moment to give me some feedback about this idea? Particularly what you would like to see on a site like this and what kind of topics would you like covered. I will of course provide my own input and invite other people to do likewise. If you think it is a good idea – we will do it. 

Many thanks for your support, and your comments on my blog. I always welcome feedback, comments and suggestions to make it better. A lot of people visit this blog even if they don’t make comments. All information shared will help others. 



  1. Nicky Jurd says:

    Over the years I have been a big forum user, and frequently head to my favourite forums to catch up with people and discuss anything topical that comes up. My favourite forums are ones where people come to the forum with a problem to solve or an issue they’d like to air for other people’s ideas. This serves as a useful tool over the years as other people have the same issue and come to that forum discussion to find answers.

    Most forums have a core group of contributors and they’re the people who really get the most benefit. They support each other an get to know each other well.

    I would like to see topics and discussions on the following issues:

    – Branding
    – Forming strategic alliances
    – Improving personal efficiency
    – Keeping procrastination at bay

  2. Geoff Beck says:

    Hi Andrew,
    As you know I’m a supporter of such a communication portal, however you are correct regarding continual support and constant monitoring, just need to have good moderators in place.

    Cheers Geoff

  3. Hi Andrew
    I think a business forum is a good idea. I have used forums many times and have even run my own child protection forum. They are hard work but well worth it.
    If you are looking for mods, I would be happy to volunteer some time to be a moderator.

  4. Nicholas Asamoah-Appiah says:

    I think a business forum is a good idea. It helps business owner to bounce their ideas against it very own customers, it also improves productivity of their business and it helps people like me who are want to get into business. i would be glad to volunteer some of my time to be a part of this business forum.

  5. The challenge with forums is to get traffic and regular contributors, otherwise people don’t keep coming back to them. What will your forum offer that others don’t? I only found your website today so I don’t know much about your blog, however if you have strong following then it is should flow on. Flyingsolo have successfully launched theirs off their successful newsletter following.

  6. kojo yeboah says:

    Please nicholas asamoah -appiah,its being a long time so try and get in contac with me .

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