12 January 2007

The more successful you become the more distractions that will appear!

This is a fact, as your business grows and you become more successful, more distractions will begin to appear around every corner. This is a dangerous time for any business and any easily distracted entrepreneur.

It is easy to argue that these distractions are wonderful opportunities coming your way and I am sure that many of them are, but keeping a focus on your core business is essential. If you lose sight of this, by the time you regain your focus it may be too late.

I have witnessed this many times with growing businesses. The focus shifts from the business to the new opportunities and before long the main business starts to suffer. It is all about finding the balance between being open to new and exciting opportunities and still keeping an eye on your main business.

The hard part with this is that distractions are often more interesting and exciting. They often appeal to our egos. The wonderful thing about distractions and opportunities is that they are not limited – if you miss one today, another one will come along tomorrow. Accepting this takes some of the urgency out of responding to every one that comes your way.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? When the next opportunity or distraction heads your way, stop and think how is it affecting what you do? While contemplating this new possibility are there other parts of your business that you are neglecting? Being aware is half way to solving the potential problem – the other half is having the discipline to say no.

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