12 May 2016

WEBINAR – 31st MAY – How to build a deeply engaged community with author, Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

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FREE WEBINAR Tuesday 31st MAY 11am.

In this webinar Andrew Griffiths talks with Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, author of ‘The Mentor Within’, about building deeply connected and engaged tribes.

Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, director of Triple Win Enterprises and author of ‘The Mentor Within’ plugs into what we know already, but aren’t dealing with: that having a big database does not guarantee customers or referrers.

There are two important considerations we all need to come to terms with when it comes to building a community or tribe. Firstly there is more to building a tribe than growing a pile of followers. And secondly, a tribe is not just a sales funnel, treat it like one and you will soon find yourself alone.

Having an engaged tribe of people who love who you are, what you stand for, the action you take, the solutions you offer as well as what you do commercially, is an essential element of any successful small business.

Growing your number of followers is not as important as engaging your followers. Meaning it’s better to have 100 totally engaged people in your tribe of fans, as opposed to 1000 totally disengaged people.

Building a tribe needs a strategy that takes into consideration your values as much as the values of your targeted audience. It is all about engaging, being of value, being authentic and putting the tribes needs before your own.

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2 thoughts on “WEBINAR – 31st MAY – How to build a deeply engaged community with author, Rosemary Shapiro-Liu”

  1. As an experienced Sydney Personal Stylist I have treated my Style Angel clients, in other words, my Style Angel Tribe, with full respect. Respect and gratitude for the time they give either in a Style Session or reading my newsletters. My number goal is that when I write a blog or newsletter that it will leave the Style Angel Tribe with a feeling that they got something out of it. Often my Clients mention they save my emails for later as there so much good stuff in it. I can see from how many people open my newsletters that it is consistently a large number of clients.

    Having my Client’s confidence in how she looks as my number 1 priority creates and energy of trust, respect and compassion and I would not have it any other way!

  2. As part of YOUR tribe, Angela, I agree that’s exactly what you do. You create a sense of belonging, and (what’s key for me) you give us a chance to both contribute and benefit. Also you’re not shy to be a leader. A tribe leader.

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