21 December 2015

If you are sick and tired of New Year’s resolutions (like me) then here are a few alternatives.

Cartoon about New Year's resolutions.

So when it comes to celebrating the end of a year and planning the New Year, I think most of us are getting a bit over resolutions. Here are five things that I’ve been doing over the past few years and I like them a lot more than resolutions.

1. What is your biggest and coolest achievement from 2015

I think it’s really important to acknowledge the one thing you are most proud of in 2015. By all means make a list of all of the things you are proud of, but clearly identify the one thing that means the most. Then celebrate it loud and long. For me, it’s doing a TEDx talk in July. One for the bucketlist.

2. Decide on what to do more of and what you want to do less of in 2016

I prefer to identify the things in my life that I want to do more of in the coming year as well as the things I want to do less of. As simple as this sounds, it really helps with clarity. Make up your definitive statements – “In 2016 I am going to do more ………………..and I am going to do less……………………” and put it on the wall. Be specific, be brave and honour it.

3. Pick one theme for 2016

I’ve always found it very powerful to pick a theme for a year. This might be “the year of doing less but doing it better”. Or the year of saying “NO”. Or the year to get my business organised. Or diversify my client base……..you get the drift.

4. Don’t waste January

I wrote an article on this for Flying Solo recently – the idea is that most people waste January, I look at it as the best month to do business development. Check out the article here – read more.

5. Pick one big, hairy audacious goal for 2016

And last but not least, I always like to have at least one, really big, hairy audacious goal. Put it out there, you never know what will happen.

So that’s it. Best of luck with 2016. I hope these ideas help you to manifest the year you want and deserve.


4 thoughts on “If you are sick and tired of New Year’s resolutions (like me) then here are a few alternatives.”

  1. Big thank you Andrew. Without your encouragement I wouldn’t have hit my biggest and coolest achievement of 2015 which was becoming the author of Stork Talk. Happy 2016. I love this post. x

  2. And what a mighty achievement it is Cheryl. So proud of you and what you’ve achieved. Look out 2016! Cheers – Andrew X

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