13 October 2015

A 3 day special offer for the “We Are Podcast” Conference on the Gold Coast


These days there’s a lot of talk about Podcasting and the influence it is having and the opportunity that it represents. Now we have the very first Podcasting conference happening on the Gold Coast in early November.

The reality is that whilst more of us are listening to podcasts, most people still have a lot of questions to ask. Is Podcasting for you? How can you grow your business with Podcasting? What is the right way to Podcast? What are the most common mistakes? And so on.

If you want to understand the Podcasting phenomenon, the “We Are Podcast” conference is the place to do it. This isn’t just a conference for seasoned Podcasters, it will be of major benefit to anyone new to Podcasting or thinking about Podcasting.

The line up of speakers is diverse – all are well known names in the SMB space and have interesting and practical advice to offer in the Podcasting space:

Robert Gerrish the founder of FlyingSolo Australia’s biggest solo and micro business community,
Nathan Chan the creator of Foundr Magazine,
Valerie Khoo the founder of Australian Writers’ Centre,
James Tuckerman the creator of Anthill Online,
Trevor Young the PR Warrior,
Tim Reid the host of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast,
Adam Franklin the co-creator of Bluewire Media

And I will be presenting early on the Saturday, talking about storytelling and interviewing techniques.

The Early Bed Special has ended, but the event organisers are offering a three day special for people who know the speakers. You can get a 25% discount on the ticket prices by typing in the promo code: iknowthespeakers when you check out.

If this sounds like something that you want to be a part of, sign up today. Personally I think Podcasting is one of the most influential marketing tools for small business owners and certainly something to consider.

I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a blast.




2 thoughts on “A 3 day special offer for the “We Are Podcast” Conference on the Gold Coast”

  1. Ron Pia says:

    Hi Andrew,
    It appears my previous contact attempt was not completely successful, from what I can view in comments for moderation.

    I wanted to congratulate you and your team for organizing, what looks like, a great event ‘We are Podcasters”.

    I’ve only just learned about it from Timbo Reid, who kindly sent a link last week. Computer has been hacked and crashed since then. It was not related to Timbo’s email.

    With all my tech difficulties and prep launching DogTalksPodcast with a month of events in USA, including Podcast Movement 2015, I’m cash strapped.

    I know this is the wrong decision declining attendance to your event, particularly living so close to the venue.
    I do not wish to discourage you planning another one next year, so please accept my apologies.

    My launch has taken priority, aiming to be up by the end of this month.

    Part of my podcast skill focus is mobile broadcasting. Producing Podcasts on the spot anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi or mobile phone data connection.

    I would like to bring this to your next event in 2016.
    For the moment, thank you for your attention and have no doubt you will ‘ignite some fire’ for podcasters next weekend.


    Ron Pia,
    contact: 0439 068878

  2. Thanks Ron – appreciate your comments. Really appreciate where you are coming from – and sometimes we all have to attend to the most important thing at hand – like a launch. I hope it goes really well for you.


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