09 January 2007

Hug a Small Business Owner Today!

There was a time that small business owners were considered pillars of society. They were respected, they were looked to for leadership in times of crisis and they were the backbones of most economies.

In more recent times the significance of the small business owner and the role they play has been lost in our community. They have been overshadowed by the larger, more vocal and more media focused corporations. But not out of any malicious act, rather small business has simply lost its voice and identity.

How can customers know when they are buying from a small business? Unless they know the owner, its hard to tell but most people are really keen to try and support small business wherever they can – it is the Australian way.

As a community we need to encourage people to start small businesses. We need to support them, buy their products and services and help them to grow and expand. They employ many people, they spend their money here in our community and they grow as a proactive part of our world.


I want small business to reclaim its voice. To stand up and be counted. I want small business owners to be acknowledged for what they do and what they achieve. I want small business to regain some of the pride and standing that it used to have in the community.

This starts with small steps and works itself into a crescendo. Put out a sign saying “Proudly small business”. If you own a small business be proud to tell people what you do. Encourage other small business owners to shout out loud about what they do and make a point of telling your customers that they are supporting a small business.

Lets work together to restore some of the pride and vitality that small business used to have. So hug a Small Business owner today!

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