13 August 2015

BOOKS WITH BITE – My first episode!

Books are a big part of my life (surprise surprise right?). Well I write books, I help others to write books and I read a lot of books. I’m always being interviewed and asked “what book are you reading now?”. So I’ve decided to do a series of videos called “BOOKS WITH BITE” – and this is my first episode. The books I’m going to review are books that I tend to read, around business, entrepreneurialism, personal growth and development and related topics. So purely non-fiction.

I would love your feedback.



PS This weeks book is “NOT INVENTED HERE”. It is about Cross Industry Innovation. It is widely available – and this is the authors website – NOT INVENTED HERE.


27 thoughts on “BOOKS WITH BITE – My first episode!”

  1. I love this idea on videoing your book reviews Andrew and this book sounds amazing. So important for growth to look at what’s working, what others are doing that makes a difference. Very exciting. You may have already read books from the brothers (Chip and Dan) Heath. They’re written a few now, and the one that instantly springs to mind is ‘MADE to STICK: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die’ (you’d love this cover). I will be looking forward to your next book review. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Victoria – I’ll certainly check them out. And the next edition of “Books with Bite” – I’m recommending a book about the Mob and what they can teach us about doing business better!

  3. Jaala Dyer says:

    Loved it Andrew – you’re a natural in front of the camera. Interestingly I probably wouldn’t have read a review but I live to consume info via video.

  4. Tracy says:

    Love it Andrew, I’m off to buy that book!

  5. Di Arrmbrust says:

    This is a great concept Andrew! It is hard to keep up to date with the books that are ‘out there’. Hearing a review, particularly in your entertaining style, of different books in your particular interest fields (which are similar to mine), will be great. Love your work!

  6. Awesome – thanks Di. I appreciate your very nice words! Cheers – Andrew

  7. Haha – you will love it Tracy. It’s very cool. Great for big brained people like you! Cheers for now – Andrew

  8. That’s an interesting point Jaala. I’m a little same. Mind you I do read a lot of articles, I just think it will be better branding for me to create videos (and easier – man I write so many articles my fingers are down to nubs). REALLY appreciate your thoughts Jaala – and hope all is wonderful with you – Andrew

  9. Great concept Andrew, loooove your work ❤️

  10. Jacinta Hoare says:

    i enjoyed watching your review Andrew. I agree that reading a review would not have appealed to me today as I’m brain depleted after a day at conference.

  11. Awww thanks Olga! Cheers – Andrew

  12. Thanks Jacinta. Yeah, nice not to have to think! Cheers – Andrew

  13. Thanks Olga. You are a sweetheart – Andrew

  14. Melanie Frok says:

    I love to read and I devour any business book that catches my attention but when Im looking to buy Im always asking myself “is this book worthy of my time?”. Andrew I applaud you for starting this video series, just what we business owners need. I’ll be sure to track this one down. Well done! Looking forward to the next episode.

  15. Thanks Melanie – I ask myself the exact same question. Time is precious, can’t waste it on a bad book. So I will make sure I keep the books 100% worth your time. Cheers – Andrew

  16. Jill Brennan says:

    Loved the review and sounds like a great book. Would be good to have the book details written below the video for easy reference as I was so busy listening to what you were saying about the book that the title got a little lost and I had to re-watch it to get the name.

  17. Linda Wilson says:

    Great idea Andrew and very helpful. Will be buying a copy because you pointed out who it would be useful for – including myself. Will be following 🙂

  18. Miriam says:

    Love it Andrews – thanks !
    A great snapshot of content and ideas that introduces books I may not hear about in the entrepreneurial space, yet would benefit from reading.
    Books with Bite for Busy People 🙂

  19. Books with Bite – love the first book. Think outside the square and start your next event at 9.03. Clever.

  20. G’Day Andrew.
    I thought the video book review was a great idea. I’m often looking for book suggestions, so if I can come back to this blog and check out the reviews, it’ll be great.
    I’m going to add a link to the BOOKS WITH BITE in my next newsletter.

  21. Hey thanks Tyson. I really appreciate that mate. Awesome.


  22. Yeah it’s a great book Kate – I know you will love it! See you soon – Andrew X

  23. Thanks Miriam – that was my thinking. We’re all super busy, who gets time to trawl through book shops – well that would be me. And I buy so many books, read so many books, it just feels logical. Great response so far. Thanks so much for giving me your feedback. Cheers – Andrew X

  24. Hey Linda – thanks for that specific point. That is the format I am using – I want to spell out who I think this book would work best for. Nothing worse than buying a book and finding out it really isn’t what you were after. My job will be to make sure I get good at being specific as to who should actually buy a particular book. So keep that feedback coming if I get it right or wrong. Many thanks Linda – Andrew X

  25. Yep, good point Jill, I will make a point of putting that on the blog post. With a link to the author site where possible. Great feedback. Cheers – Andrew

  26. Roxanne Grey says:

    Fabulous book review! Thanks so much. I have purchased the book and I LOVE IT! I love the compact, easy to read format and the seriously deep, thought provoking questions and concepts. Thanks Andrew!

  27. Well that is great Roxy. I thought you would love it. Thanks for letting me know – Andrew

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