18 December 2014

My book recommendations for Christmas – featuring 10 local authors

Book spines

Well of course there are plenty of great books out there – but these are a little different. They are all written and published by local, first time authors, on some pretty specific topics. My list here could be about 200 long, but I have picked a few that I think could make a difference. I have included the links to their websites where you can purchase them.

‘Money Does Grow on Trees’ – Peter Ziggy – CHECK IT OUT

‘Honey Let’s Buy a Boat’ – Darren Finkelstein – CHECK IT OUT

‘Raw Beauty’ – Kemi Nekvapil –  CHECK IT OUT

‘First Time Father’ – Liam Renton – CHECK IT OUT

‘Getting Stuff Done’ – Sam Harrop – CHECK IT OUT

‘How to Create Your Own Successful and Profitable Business from Home’ – Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner – CHECK IT OUT

‘From Unknown to Expert’ – Catriona Pollard – CHECK IT OUT

‘Love at First Site’ – Jon Hollenberg – CHECK IT OUT

‘Navigating Career Crossroads’ – Jane Jackson – CHECK IT OUT

‘The Smart Business Exit’ – Geoff Green – CHECK IT OUT

The more we support local authors, the more of them who will write books, share their wonderful knowledge and make a difference to the world.


8 thoughts on “My book recommendations for Christmas – featuring 10 local authors”

  1. John Hill says:

    What about books not written yet? Best sellers in there own heads! Soon to be written? I hope you have a great Christmas and the Turkeys who are out there keep away from your table. Lots of love John and Liz.

  2. Haha – I reckon there are few in there Mr Hill, just waiting to burst out. Sorry I haven’t been in touch more this year, 2014 kind of got away on me. I had to come to Tassie to regroup (and wrestle a few wombats). Please let me know if you need any help with the relaunch -and again, my apologies for dropping the mango! Big hugs to you and da Missus. Lotsa love – AG

  3. Miriam says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Great list !

    And I love seeing my book spine on your picture at the top of hte article 🙂

    I am going to be very cheeky and say that my book Property Prosperity also makes a huge difference by educating and protecting property investors from making VERY VERY expensive property buying mistakes and so its well worth a read !


    Merry Christmas AG.

    See you in 2015 !

    cheers Miriam xo

  4. Hey Miriam – never miss an opportunity to promote your book! Nice. And yes, I agree, your book absolutely does make a huge difference. So very pleased to have it here in the comments section. Hard for me to limit the books to 10 – and also to cover a range of topics. Rest assured it will make a list of mine early in the New Year.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas to you Miriam.

  5. Thanks for the shout out AG! Love your work. Enjoy Tassie.

  6. Thanks Jon – appreciate the support – always! Have a great Christmas – Andrew

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Great list! I’ve read four books out on your list and it was awesome.

  8. Thanks Elizabeth. Love any feedback.


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