14 October 2014

Does this video go too far?

Well this video is pretty full on. I’m not going to spoil it for you (in case you haven’t seen it) but what do you think – does it go too far – or is the message perfect? I like it, even though I had a distressing moment in there……………

8 thoughts on “Does this video go too far?”

  1. Monique says:

    I love it. Messaging is perfect. It’s hard to make malecancer.org sexy, but they did it. (I was secretly hoping it was an ad for lingerie, cause I’d quite like to know where to get those).

  2. That is funny Monique – but it is most certainly nice lingerie. Thanks for your thoughts – and I agree, hard to make male cancer interesting – certainly got my attention.


  3. Great to see something to get blokes’ attention in an area (as it were!) that needs so much more funding: Men’s Health. I know as men we are generally our own worst enemies, so investment in campaigns such as this will hopefully continue to raise awareness and save lives!

  4. I couldn’t agree more John – I thought you might weigh into this.


  5. Jean Burman says:

    In a word… yes. I agree it’s a necessary message but do we really have to use women’s bodies [yet again] in such a tawdry way to get that message across? From those cringe worthy and humiliating feminine hygiene advertisements to this… I’m sorry… I’m not offended… but just hoped for more in a civilised society. I mean… where is the finesse? There is also the possibility that this message serves neither men nor women very well… yes it has real shock value… but beyond that it insults the intelligence of men by assuming that this is the only way to gain their attention. Just another way of thinking about it. Thanks [I think] AG 😀

  6. Thanks Jean – a great point. Sadly I wonder if it is the only way (or perhaps the best way) to get a mans attention to a major issue. Great point – something to ponder.


  7. Drew Browne says:

    The most important thing is the outcome. If the message resonates with even a quarter of the target, the message is being effective and the outcome can be achieved. White there are many taboos trodden on in this video 🙂 the outcome is achieved, the content is an effective one , it’s delivery is method is able to be controlled by the audience if they do not wish to see the video and the results are significant.

    If all these measures are in place, the only question then is ‘how important is the outcome’. Promoting Men’s health is not a yet seen as a useful political and social advantage so this video is fine, because the outcome matters more than its method.

  8. Well I do agree with you Drew. The outcome justifies the method. Thanks for your thoughts Mate. No failure penalty required here!


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