29 July 2014

Get a free copy of “From Unknown to Expert” by Catriona Pollard”

A friend of mine, Catriona Pollard has just released her first book “From Unknown to Expert: How to use clever PR and Social Media to become a recognised expert”. It’s a great book, drawn on Catriona’s extensive experience in the field of public relations – and if you would like a free copy (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?) please read on.

Get Catriona Pollard’s special pre-release FREE Book Offer, all you have to do is pay for the postage. This special offer closes at midnight on Wednesday, July 30 or until stocks run out. After that, the book is officially on sale for its retail price of $27.95 (plus postage).

You can get your free book by following this link – CLICK HERE

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More information about the “From Unknown to Expert”

From Unknown To Expert: How to use clever PR and social media to become a recognised expert

A comprehensive, step-by-step framework that will skyrocket you into the spotlight using the Unknown To Expert 5 Star System

 Public relations and social media can be the difference between being a well recognised expert and thought leader in your niche and just wishing you were.

Catriona Pollard, author of From Unknown to Expert captures 20 years of PR and social media know-how into a practical guide to help you gain more exposure, increase sales and enable new career opportunities.

Catriona delivers a comprehensive, step-by-step framework that will skyrocket you into the role of recognised expert and thought leader.

We all know that it’s no longer enough to simply be great at what you do… you now need to be great at telling people what you do! Along Catriona’s path to becoming a recognised expert, she developed a 5 Star System.

She used this System to grow her own personal brand from a relative unknown to an industry expert, speaking all over the globe, being featured in hundreds of magazines, newspapers and even TV and attracting big name clients, all within just two years.

Use the proven Unknown To Expert 5 Star System to:

  • Increase sales
  • Get more paid speaking opportunities
  • Win more referrals
  • Gain more credibility and exposure
  • Enable amazing new opportunities that you never even dreamed of.

This book is perfect for anyone wanting to move from unknown to expert including: entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, CEOs, topic experts, coaches, consultants and anyone wanting to achieve the role of a recognised expert and thought leader in their field.

Packed full of easy to use templates and examples, From Unknown To Expert shares a framework that will give you the confidence and skills to get you the media coverage and online community you deserve.


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