20 April 2008


The people that really succeed in the world
are the people who look for the circumstances they want.
And, if they can’t find them, they make them.

The lure of the distant and the difficult can be deceptive.
The great opportunity in your life is where you are right now.
Properly perceived, every situation can become an opportunity for you.

Your destiny isn’t a matter of chance,
it’s a matter of choice.
It’s not something you wait for,
but rather something you achieve with effort.

You’re surrounded by opportunity,
but things won’t turn up in this world until you turn them up.


  1. Jean Burman says:

    Thanks for the positive affirmation AG! I must have been meant to check in here today… having just minutes before… hit the SEND key dispatching my latest cartoon to a major newspaper. Flagrantly optimistic I know… but then… as you succinctly point out right here… “things won’t turn up in this world until you turn them up”! Fingers remain crossed and locked! (((chuckles)))

  2. Hey Jean – how exciting. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner – been in Malaysia presenting at the national Retravision Conference – which was a big one for me and it seemed appropriate to talk about opportunity. PLEASE keep me informed regarding your cartoons and the newspaper. I just love reading your blog. It is inspirational, creative, funny and very real. I love it and I am really proud of what you do (I hope this doesn’t sound condescending – just the best word I could think of to express how I feel when I read your material and see your great cartoons)….Take care, lots of love AG X

  3. Great post Andrew. Choosing the life we want and actively participating in happiness rather than oppression is such an easy and healthy ting to do.

    Good luck to you too Jean. I once sent a short story on the spur of the moment and promptly got back a contract!!!! When the cheque arrived, it was heavenly payment for having followed through on a decision.

  4. Thanks Megan – and a nice article in the magazine recently too Megan (and sensational photo). Well done. Cheers AG

  5. Jean Burman says:

    Thanks so much AG – and Megan too. Your words of encouragement and support mean a lot to me. Haven’t heard back as yet… but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet either! *wink* LOL

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