13 August 2013

Common sense just ain’t that common anymore.

Most of my books and presentations are based providing ways to help good small businesses to become great small businesses. Inevitably I will get someone say to me that what I talk about is just common sense. Well I hate to say it folks, but common sense ain’t that common any more.

People are looking for the silver bullet to solve their business woes, yet the so called basics are so rarely addressed. If they were, perhaps there wouldn’t been so many businesses that struggle to survive.

My advice is that rather than trying to find some form of whiz bang, solve everything tablet to create a successful small business, get serious about the basics.

This means treating your customers with huge amounts of respect. It means getting out and marketing your business. It means investing time and energy into building a rock solid network of advisors and mentors. Last but not least it means offering the very best products and services that you can for fair price.
Yep, it’s just common sense.



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