25 February 2008

Patience is a virtue when it comes to customers

It can be very embarrassing for a customer to go into a business and ask for a specific product or service that they may not know a lot about. A smart and professional business will take the time to explain important issues regarding the proposed purchase and make the customer feel good about it and in no way inadequate because of their lack of knowledge.

There is another kind of business that seems to thrive on belittling their customers. If the right terminology is not used a smart comment is issued. The customer is treated like an idiot because they don’t know the difference between a triple reverse sky sprocket and a double reverse sky sprocket (like who doesn’t know the difference between these two everyday items?).

Be patient with your customers and make sure that your staff are patient. When you do something every day, you tend to have all of the answers, but when you do it for the first time, there are a lot of logical questions to be asked. Work with your customers and help to answer their questions or concerns as simply and as professionally as possible and they will appreciate it. This is good customer service and your business will be recognised because of it.

Never forget, nobody likes to feel like a fool. Keep an eye on your staff to make sure that this patience is encouraged and a lack of patience stamped out if it raises its ugly head at any stage. Patience is a virtue, but in a small business it is a lot more. Making a customer feel foolish is a guaranteed way of shortening the length of the relationship.

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