13 August 2008

Be proud of your business

Being proud of your business is an admirable quality and most customers will respond positively to the "proud business parent". Today’s business is often the end result of a lot of hard work, risk, pressure and countless other challenges. After all of this, it seems only fair that a business owner should be proud of any achievements that they may have in their business. In fact I think that one day a week should be dedicated to all small businesses around the world, and on that day, all customers should support small businesses in their community in recognition of the role that these business play, often for little return. Small business owners should be thanked for doing a good job and for giving it a go.

When it comes to customer service I have found that most of my customers are very interested in my business and when I talk to other business owners they say the same thing. There is a degree of fascination and admiration for small business owners. For this reason, anything that makes you proud should be shared with your customers.

If you receive an award tell your customers. If you pick up a new distributorship tell your customers. If you employ new staff, introduce them and tell your customers. In fact if just about anything happens that makes you feel proud, pass it on to your customers and they will share your pride.

What is the end effect of this? I believe that customer service is a very emotive relationship. Customers enjoy feeling  a part of a business and they like to be included. Having a notice board with what is happening in your business helps to bring customers into the inner sanctum.

Be proud of your business and share all of your achievements with your customers and develop a relationship  that will span many years.

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