16 May 2013

The next round of KPI Brand Accelerator Days for 2013 are confirmed – for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Hang onto your hats fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, big business owners and everyone in between – the next round of Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator Days are locked and loaded. This is an 8 hour entrepreneurial event not to be missed. Feedback from the day and the entire KPI programme is extraordinary and I am very proud to be one of the presenters and mentors. The value you get out of this day will be huge and the cost is minimal.

So take a minute or two, check out the links below and sign up for what could easily be one of the most important and significant days in your life (I don’t say that lightly, but I do mean it completely). By the way, these events book out, and this isn’t just event hype. I hope to see you at a KPI Brand Accelerator Day soon!


SYDNEY 6th July

BRISBANE 31st August