09 November 2012

We need to think long and hard when it comes to naming our products and services….

2 thoughts on “We need to think long and hard when it comes to naming our products and services….”

  1. You never know what something may mean in another language. Can’t knock the Gaytime though, as Gay has meant different things in the past, as the meanings of words in the English language is forever changing. I always thought that Winnie the Pooh was a little odd for a children’s story also. I am hoping I am safe with IMPRESSIONS Design & Print but who knows what it may mean in another language or in 20 years time.

  2. Ha, yes Matthew, I think you are safe. If the word “Impressions” suddenly relates to a part of the human anatomy (and not a good part) at some stage in the future, in any language, I will personally help you to come up with a new name! Thanks for the comment Mate.


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