02 February 2008

Look to your staff for some of the best ideas to build your business

Many businesses take an almost “us and them” attitude with their staff. For most of us, life without staff would be pretty hard. Our businesses would never be able to grow, our workloads would be enormous and there would be a hollow feeling when it comes to sharing the trials and tribulations experienced in our daily business life.

Involve your staff in your business. Ask them for their ideas and their opinions, after all, they often know your business almost as well if not better than you. Most certainly they will know the specific jobs that they do better than you. The more you let your staff play an active role in your business the more they will grow, the more ideas they will come up with and ultimately the better your business will run and the more successful it will be.

Involving your staff means asking for their opinions and thoughts. It means taking these opinions and thoughts seriously and being appreciative of the fact that your staff members are prepared to be involved. Just because you give them a weekly pay packet doesn’t mean that they have to open up, it is a real trust situation and it need to be well handled.

Just as I spoke about the importance of treating your customers with respect, I think that you should have the same level of respect for your staff. Sure, there will always be times when you drive each other crazy or make mistakes but you are working on the same team.

Get you staff involved in your business. Ask them for their thoughts and opinions and build a strong relationship based on mutual respect.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? What is your attitude towards your staff? Is it “us and them” or have you got a team? Do you ask your staff for their input on running your business and do you take their advice seriously? Write a simple paragraph about you views on your relationship with your staff and how you would like to see it evolve.

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