18 May 2012

Small Business Fight Back – Part One, Next Thursday – May 24th Cairns,

Leading the charge of Small Business Revitalisation in Cairns, the Cairns Chamber of Commerce brings you the Small Business Fight Back Series.

Snowed under with red tape? Tired of the overwhelm of running a small business and the pressure of the state of the economy? Paying your staff and not yourself, over-worked, frustrated and can’t figure out how to take control of your business? Sounds like you need to get that fire back in your belly? Sounds like your business needs recharging? You need to join our Small Business Fight Back campaign.

You are the difference you need to make in your business. Here at the Cairns Chamber we are gearing up to help you reinvigorate, reunite and recharge your business and the most important asset of your business – YOU!

In 2012 we bring you two sensational small business campaigns and 10+ events that are new, different, educational, engaging and promise to be the bit that has been missing from the small business arena here in FNQ.

There is the Small Business Fight Back Breakfast Event Series specifically for the small business market. Not just any business breakfast but an event where you can learn, earn, engage and make real connections with suppliers and potential clients.

We’ll also be bringing to you six dedicated workshops designed by you and delivered by successful local business operators and small business experts. The Small Business Fight Back Workshop Series promises to be exactly what you’ve been wanting and needing with topics such as:

  • Love Your Customer
  • Marketing on a Dime
  • Social Media for Super Busy Small Business Operators
  • Crowd Revenue – Working with other Small Biz Operators
  • Productivity, Performance and Kick Butt Targets
  • Capitalising from the Region – Sourcing work in the Cape, Gulf and Beyond the shores.

Kicking off the series is the first small breakfast event. Joining us to energise and drive the series is Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s Number #1 Small Business Author. Andrew has generously accepted our invitation to be the Patron for all things Small Business at the Cairns Chamber of Commerce. As the face and voice of small business in Australia we believe he will be a sensational ambassador for small business in our region.

He will join our Small Business Taskforce leaders Shelley Evans-Wild and Ryan Donnelly as they engage with the wider membership to rev up the small business market.Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 Small Business Author

Small Business owners are the innovators, pioneers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow’s big business and the foundational fabric of the economy. They are the unsung heroes of the local economy. The first bastion to fall in a tough economy and the last to give up! At this very moment, whilst some are basking in economic prosperity many are not. They are overwhelmed, confused by what’s on offer in the market, frustrated and looking for support. In all of this Andrew believes that there are 7 simple habits that can be applied to boost the state of a business. Join us to hear Andrew share his 7 rituals of business success.

Andrew was invited to share his insights for Small Business revitalisation as part of Sir Richard Branson’s team at the Financial Education Summit in Melbourne and he is about to go to the USA to present at the Million Dollar Round Table event on the same topic. What he is going to share is essential knowledge for every Small Business.


Learn More about Andrew here.

Date: Thursday, 24 May 2012

Time: 7:15am for a 7:30am start

Dress: Work attire

Venue: The Pacific International Hotel, Level 2

Access: Enter via the main entrance on Spence Street

Cost: Members – $27.00pp
Non Members – $35.00pp

Book: CLICK HERE to book online
Bookings close 2:00pm Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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