05 June 2012

Lets all make more mistakes…

Business experience is mostly about learning through the mistakes we make. I know I have made far more than my fair share, but as the years go by I am getting a little smarter and learning the lessons a lot quicker.

There wouldn’t be many successful entrepreneurs who could say they have a mistakefree background. In fact, I would be impressed to meet one and that is what makes entrepreneurs so amazing. When they get it wrong, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get on with the next opportunity at hand.

We all make mistakes and we all will continue to make mistakes—the trick is to learn your lesson and move on. If you make a business mistake and it costs you money, there is no doubt it will stay in your mind for a long time to come and that is not a bad thing. There is no point crucifying yourself; after all, even the most experienced and high profile entrepreneurs end up explaining where they went wrong at some stage. Punishing yourself more than necessary is not only nonproductive it can also shake your confidence and increase your chances of making more mistakes.

The art of letting go is often easier said than done but it is a skill that will be very beneficial in your business life. Accept the fact that we all get it wrong from time to time, learn your lesson and move on. Accepting that making mistakes is a healthy part of an entrepreneurs life and it becomes much easier on so many different levels.

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