21 January 2012

The Wiggle Gate Opportunity…

The poor old Wiggles brand has copped a lot of flack in the last few days, no doubt about that. In reality the Wiggle Gate situation has been handled really badly. I doubt it was done with any intended nastiness, just a bit of naivety.

For those living in caves who are not aware of what has gone occurred, one Wiggle got the flick after another Wiggle, who was on sick leave, got better and returned to Wiggleville, meaning that there was one Wiggle too many for the little red car.

What a great opportunity for the collective group of Wiggles to undo the bad voodoo, by calling the sacked Wiggle, apologising to him and asking him to come back to team? Give him his own colour, keep the fans happy and just go “doh, we’re sorry but we made a mistake”.

Surely this would be a great outcome for all involved? And lets be honest, the world can easily accommodate another full time Wiggle.

So lets bring Wiggle Gate to an end and restore the faith that millions of people have in the wonderful Wiggle brand. Do the right thing Boys.

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