07 October 2007

You can achieve anything you imagine…..

Picture yourself in your mind’s eye
as having already achieved your goal.
See yourself doing the things you’ll be doing
when you’ve reached your destination.

Your imagination is your mental workshop
where all your plans are fashioned.
Visualize your goals and you’ll get your subconscious
to work toward making your mental pictures come true.

Olympic medalists use the art of mental rehearsal or visualization.
They mentally run through important events before they happen.

Decide what you want out of your life.
Sense it before you have it.
See it, feel it, taste it, smell it and imagine
the emotions associated with the attainment of your goal.
Pre-live it in your mind before you have it.
Your vision will become a powerful driving force in your life.

See the things you want as already yours,
and one day, they will be yours.


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