02 August 2011

The BIG BOOK of Small Business – OUT NOW

I am very proud to say that my 11th book, ‘The Big Book of Small Business’, published by Allen & Unwin, has officially been launched in Australia. The feedback from all media and reviewers who have previewed the book has been incredibly positive.

With almost 400 pages of information (that’s why it is a BIG BOOK) I cover over 20 important and highly relevant Small Business ideas, all of which I think are essential for a business to thrive in the modern world. So there is a pile of “how to information” and at the same time, lots of meaty topics for business owners to ponder.



Here is how the book is being described –

“Packed with inspirational and practical advice, The Big Book of Small Business is a new book designed to help every business owner build the business of their dreams.

Andrew Griffiths welcomes the ‘age of the entrepreneur,’ the most exciting time for business owners – ever. In his down to earth, street smart style, he identifies new opportunities for smaller business operators to grow their business fast. He also shows how an entrepreneurial attitude can improve every aspect of a business, from customer relations to promotion to backroom accounts.”

Where can you buy a copy of ‘The Big Book of Small Business’(retail price $35)?

BOOKSTORES – Most bookstores around Australia and New Zealand will have stock in this week. If your local bookstore doesn’t have stock they can order it in within a few days.

ONLINE SALES – Likewise most online books stores have ‘The Big Book of Small Business’ available or you can buy a copy direct from the publisher. Here are some direct links:

KINDLE – If you are a Kindle fan you can buy ‘The Big Book of Small Business’ from Amazon. Simply CLICK HERE. The hard copy won’t be available from Amazon for a few months.

eBOOK – For other electronic readers like iPad, you can visit this page to see a full list of ebook stockists who sell the ‘The Big Book of Small Business’ – CLICK HERE.

There is a lot of interest from organisations interested in buying bulk supplies of this book. If you would like more information about this, simply drop me an email with a rough number of books you are interested in buying and I can give you an idea on costs or put you in touch with Allen & Unwin BULK SALES department – info@andrewgriffiths.com.au.

2 thoughts on “The BIG BOOK of Small Business – OUT NOW”

  1. Nicky Jurd says:

    Congratulations on your latest book release Andrew!

    In an era where we are seeing bookstores suffer from lagging sales it’s a great testament to your work as an author that you are still publishing new books.

    I am especially impressed that this book is available in eBook format! Is this your first book that has been delivered in this manner?

  2. Hi Nicky,

    Thanks for the lovely comments. All of my books are available as ebooks – whether it be through Australian online retailers or the international ones such as ebook.com. The interesting thing for me is the time it takes to get ebooks out – for some strange reason it used to take for ever (and I am only talking a year or two back), whereas now, they are ready to go before the hard copy (which of course they should be). And even more interesting, in Australia, Kindle sales are by far the #1 electronic book format. I suspect that is changing as other readers play catch up – and lets be honest, it makes sense to have a versatile reader as opposed to one that just does one thing. So lots of change ahead again. I think the Kindle will evolve into a more mutlipurpose tablet. It is a faced paced industry for something that is supposed to be kind of nice and slow.


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