02 July 2007


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Avoid nasty, uncomfortable  surprises when the price is discussed or when you ask for  the business.  Before  you start discussing the proposal, ask if anything has  changed since your last meeting

Insert a “Current Situation” or  “Executive Summary” to the beginning of your  proposal.  A short summary of the first  meeting to demonstrate your understanding of the business  and what they would like to achieve.

Where possible, present you’re  pricing in person rather than sending via email. It may seem  like a waste of time but it gives you the ability to read an  immediate reaction to your proposal and your price. It also  saves you the time and hassle of having to phone them later  and ask if they would like to  proceed.

Take a copy for each person in  the meeting, however, have ONE copy that is not stapled or  bound.

Present one page at a time to the  person or the group, taking the time to reinforce the key  points in each section. This allows you to talk about the  value you can offer and the benefits of dealing with your  business, before it gets to  price.

Close the sale. Don’t let the  opportunity go by because you feel pushy or are worried they  might say no. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Besides, they  might have been meaning to call you but have been caught  up.

If you are uncomfortable asking  for the sale, use an Assumptive Closing technique.  For example:   “to get started all we need to do is” or “if you could send  over the files, I can go through them” or “I’m free on  Wednesday, if that works for you”.

Read a book on Body language.  Having the ability to read a person’s reaction through their  body language is very useful when presenting pricing and  negotiating. You can immediately see a positive or a  negative reaction to the price.

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