10 July 2007

Mix with people who you can learn from

Most entrepreneurs are fairly up beat kind of people. They are keen to learn and equally keen to pass on their knowledge. Mixing with people who you can learn from is a great way to develop your own business skills and also to pass on your own experiences to help others.

If you mix with smart, successful, enthusiastic people you will become like them if you aren’t already. If you are struggling and feeling a little flat, spending time around these people will pick you up and you will do the same for them.

For me I love nothing better than mixing with a group of people who I find stimulating and interesting. Likewise I find nothing worse than mixing with a group of negative, depressing, lack lustre individuals who are all blaming the world for their woes.

So where do you find this group of inspirational souls to mix with. Make your own group if you can’t find one. Talk to people you admire and see what they do. I have found that people like this are already meeting each other either formally or informally all the time. They don’t make a big deal about it they just do it. A reflection of their lives in general.

With the advent of internet chat rooms and teleconferencing you don’t even need to be in the same country any more, although its easier and much nicer to be able to sit face to face. I know a number of people who have formed their own group, consisting of about 6 people of varying business backgrounds. They meet 12 times every year and spend two sessions brainstorming each of the businesses owned by the people attending. So sometimes you are giving advice, sometimes your receiving advice, but there is a lot of overlap as often the advice that is good for another business is just as applicable for your business.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? What type of people do you spend your time with? Are they positive and good for you or are they a negative influence? Why not set up your own mentoring group today. Call five associates that you respect and ask them to be involved.

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  1. sharon gill says:

    . I think that female DJs can be just as good and even better than men at djing. What do you think?

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