18 July 2007

Commit to improving your business skills daily

Passionate entrepreneurs seem to have this never ending thirst for ways to do what they do better. They are not afraid to ask questions, to read books, to go to seminars or to learn how to do what they do better.

This commitment shines through – because they end up putting what they learn into practise. My guess is that you fit into this category, otherwise you wouldn’t have invested in this manual. But with the mass of information how can you assimilate everything that is on offer and still find the time to run your business and have a life outside of work.

Personally I break it into small bite sized chunks. My aim is to learn how to do two things better every day of the week – one thing for business and one for my personal life. If I am reading I book on self improvement or business my aim is to find that one point that I can use today and incorporate into my business life every day from now on. The same applies to my own personal development, all I want is one point, but I want one every single day of my life.

It is like going to a seminar on business development. It is easy to be bombarded with fifty great things that you can do but lets be honest, how many will you get around to actioning? Probably none – because the task is too daunting. But if you go into the seminar with a very clear expectation – to take one suggestion, that has struck a cord with you, and apply it to your business life right now, your chances of achieving this are much higher.

I have literally thousands of business and self development books. I have read them all – and for the most part they are amazing. Filled with tens of thousands of superb ideas and recommendations but what use are they if none of them are converted to action.

So commit to improving your business and life skills in small manageable chunks. It works for me, hopefully it will work for you.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? Decide what achievable action you will take to improving your business skills (and hopefully your life skills) on a daily basis. Remember, achievable is the key word.

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