21 May 2007

Be more than your business

Businesses come and go – what you are doing today is unlikely to be what you are doing in ten years time. Your are the most significant asset in your life and it is important to realise this. I encounter a lot of people who become their business – it is everything, from their waking moment in the morning to their last thought at night (and often it fills their dreams).

When they no longer have this business their life falls apart. They don’t know what to do, their life feels empty and dissatisfaction and depression can set in.

Look at a few high profile entrepreneurs – rarely do they only have one business interest. They are the business, they just sell different things. They may start new businesses, sell old ones, go broke in some, do a joint venture in others – but they are not attached to the one business, they are passionate, but they realise that they are the resource and the skill centre that is used to make the other businesses work. They are more than any of the businesses that they own.

Whatever you are doing, there is life after your current business. For this reason we all need to be more than our business. We need to have more substance, more interests, more beliefs and more of a long term view to how we fit into our business life. Don’t let your business consume or control you – you are in the driving seat.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? Ponder the thought – what would you do if you got a letter in the mail that said you have to close your business down in 24 hours? How would you cope, what would you do next? An interesting situation to spend a few minutes considering.

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